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FURTHER UPDATE: Man missing on Cayman Brac, – Underwater Searches Continue



Underwater Searches Continue

Update:  Searches Continue Today, 21 May, for Missing Man on Cayman Brac

Water searches on Cayman Brac have continued throughout the day today, Monday, 21 May, for Linvol Smith, who has not been seen since Friday, 18 May, when he indicated to friends he would be going snorkeling/swimming. (Correction to prior releases: Mr. Smith does not appear to have gone diving as stated in earlier releases.)

Clothing believed to belong to Mr. Smith was found in the vicinity of Scotts Dock, indicating he went into the sea at that location. Members of the local community on Cayman Brac dove shallower waters Saturday, and yesterday, to the east and west of the location.  The RCIPS Dive Team arrived in the Brac yesterday and dove deeper waters to the west of the believed point of entry.  Today they have been diving deeper waters to the east of that point.  Mr. Smith has not been found.

“We believe that we have searched as completely as possible in the location, especially given current weather conditions,” said Acting Superintendent Brad Ebanks, Head of Specialist Support Operations, “our officers report that the undertow is carrying them to the wall at present.  Given these conditions, we must reluctantly admit that further underwater searches are unlikely to be successful and we have concluded these efforts. Our thoughts are with Mr. Smith’s family at this time.”

Cayman Brac police officers are continuing to conduct enquiries in this matter and anyone who may have seen Mr. Smith on Friday afternoon is urged to call the Cayman Brac Police Station at 948-0331 right away.

The RCIPS wishes to thank the CIFS, DOE, Customs, the Brac Scuba Shack, private boat owners, local businesses, and private citizens for their invaluable assistance this weekend in our efforts to locate Mr. Smith.

Attached is a photo of the RCIPS Dive Team on board a Fire Service vessel yesterday, 20, May.


Update: Searches Continue for Missing Man on Cayman Brac; RCIPS Dive Team Deployed to Assist, Sunday, 20 May

Land and water-based searches for Linvol Smith, age 54, continued early this morning on Cayman Brac by police, fire, customs and DOE officers, as well as the CERT team. Mr. Smith has not yet been found.

This morning six members of the newly-formed RCIPS Dive Team deployed to Cayman Brac to conduct dives to search for Mr. Smith, who had told friends when he was last seen on Friday, 18 May, that he was heading out diving.  The Dive Team was briefed and began water searches early this afternoon.  The Brac Scuba Shack provided the team with tanks and emergency equipment free of charge.

Thunderstorms and poor weather have prevented the RCIPS helicopter from deploying to the Brac to assist with searches.  The weather is being closely monitored, and the crew will deploy if able to do so.

 “We are using all available resources at the moment to find Mr. Smith, and thorough searches have been carried out today and yesterday despite very poor weather conditions,” said Brad Ebanks, Acting Superintendent of Specialist Operations. “The thoroughness of these searches would not be possible without the private boat owners, divers, snorkelers, dive shop owners and other private citizens who have responded to this emergency with us and our first responder colleagues.”


Police on Cayman Brac received a report today of a man who apparently went diving yesterday, Friday, 18 May, around midday. When the man did not show up to work today, police were notified.

The missing man, Linvol Smith, age 54 of Cayman Brac, was last seen about midday at his home, when he was talking of going to the bay to dive.  He left for the location driving a front-end loader with his dive gear.

A recent picture of Mr. Smith is attached.  He is described to be about 5’6”, 150 lbs., with gray hair.  He frequently wears a hat.

Police searched the vicinity of Scotts Dock after the report was filed this morning, and found some dive clothing where it is suspected that Mr. Smith went into the water.  Mr. Smith’s colleagues had previously found the front-end loader he was driving not far away.

A search for Mr. Smith has been conducted throughout the day by police and fire officers, DOE, a Customs Officer and several private citizens.  This search was conducted both on land and water, and included the area from Carib Sands on the south side of Cayman Brac to Scotts Dock.  Fire officers and others also dove in the area to assist with the search.  The search concluded at 4:30PM, and is due to begin tomorrow.

“This search has been a community effort,” said Inspector Tahal, Area Commander for the Sister Islands.  “We will continue these efforts tomorrow and continue to hope that Mr. Smith is found in good health.”

The water-based search will begin again tomorrow at 5:30AM, and the land-based search will begin at 7AM.

Anyone with any information regarding Mr. Smith’s whereabouts is asked to contact the Cayman Brac Police Station immediately at 948-0331.



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