October 24, 2020

Local author launches book for Christmas


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$T2eC16NHJIQFHH0tPR5YBR)9tcQ60g~~_32Timali Ebanks has just published her first in a series of children’s books on Caymanian Heritage Series.

The book is called “Christmastime” and is about how families and communities celebrated special traditions and activities that took place around Christmastime in the Cayman of yesteryear.

All the books in the series will revolve around the life of a central family and are set in modern day Cayman with glimpses back into the customs and activities of Cayman in the 1930s.

The storyline in ‘Christmastime’ centres around two young children sitting down and talking with an older family member about what Christmas was like in days past. By the end of the story, the children learn that there is more to Christmas than getting gifts and having a good time. They also learn that while the activities and traditions may have changed, the values, love and spirit behind the goings-on are still relevant and purposeful today.

Ebanks was able to obtain a grant from the Cayman National Cultural Foundation (CNCF) in order to help get her book published.

Her books can be purchased locally at Books and Books, The Book Nook and Christian Enlightenment as well as online through Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

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