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Lisa’s Island Secrets Jerk Sauce/Cayman Pickle Farm

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Home made hot sauces, pickled herbs and spices.


The story behind the sauce

For many years I have been entertaining friends and family, living on Grand Cayman the largest of the (3) Cayman Islands, we just love the outdoor cooking, it is a way of life, every weekend I lite up my grill, and cooked everything on it from chicken to rabbits, everyone hung out at my home on the weekends, especially the long weekends. I always conjured up this home-made sauce, from my own original recipe, everyone loved it and always took some back with them, if any was left over i.e. This sauce of mine has become a favourite all over.

I started the Pickle Farm in 1990, with my jerk sauce as the primary product, made from my own unique recipe, adding various pickles to my product line gradually from dill to peppers to any type of fresh herbs available on island. My jerk sauce made it’s debut on the local market in 2003, when a marketing manager from one of the local supermarkets tasted it for the first time and told me “You have gold here, and it must be put on the market immediately” and that he did. I have been making this sauce with lots of TLC it’s made on a small scale, solely by yours truly, therefore it has peaked perfection, the flavor never changes. Now dubbed “Cayman black gold” Lisa’s Island Secrets Jerk Sauce™ is been savored locally, even as far as Canada, and in Europe it is used in soups, as a dip and in salads too. Try it on your favourite sandwich.

This sauce is extremely hot!!! Savour the flavour but do so with extreme caution! Some like it hot, and this is HOT!! Go ahead and give your tastebuds a burst of hot scotch bonnet peppers, herbs and exotic spices , a delightful aphrodisiac. Vinegar is the preservative used, and an abundance of tropical herbs and spices, the ingredients and processes are truly my secrets, Don’t even ask!


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