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Lions Club of Tropical Gardens-October Breast Cancer Awareness month

In October the Lions Club of Tropical Gardens will be hosting a series of events for ‘Breast Cancer Awareness’ month. .

Two 5k/10k walk/runs are taking place:
Saturday 7th October, Kaibo restaurant beach bar at 6.00 a.m
Sunday 15th October, West Bay Road, public beach at 6.00 a.m
You can register online at or at the LCTG pink shop, Elizabethan Square, starting September 25th, Mon-Fri from 10 a.m-4 p.m, Saturday11 a.m-3 p.m.
We have medals for the largest company team!

In addition we have the following events: 

– Health clinic awareness meetings with free mammogram vouchers available (please see the attached calender for your districts clinic date)
– Dress down pink day, Friday 27th October ( our pink shop has lots of items that can be worn).
For more information visit:

This year, under the theme “Early Detection Saves Lives” the Lions Club of Tropical Gardens proudly celebrates 20 years of the Lions Breast Cancer Awareness program in the Cayman Islands.

Over the past decade, the community’s support has enabled us to offer a meaningful program, especially to the women of these islands. Together, we have made a real difference! Reflecting on our past accomplishments over this period, the following are worthy of note:


Early detection:

Over 10,000 mammogram vouchers, sponsored by our Club, have enabled women to proactively assess their breast health. Lives have been saved;

Other diagnostic methods like ultrasound testing have also been sponsored, especially in younger women, on a medical doctor’s recommendation;


Education is key:

Over 55,000 persons have benefited from educational programs which have involved crucial partnerships with our health care practitioners. We have committed to ensuring that the “right” information is disseminated to as wide a cross-section of our population as possible;

Support of the survivors and their families; the little things count:

An approximate 300 individuals have been meaningfully assisted with health care and other related costs, both at home and overseas. There are many cases where assistance is needed with travel expenses, accommodation and/or meals while obtaining overseas treatment. Support is also given through the purchase of prosthetic breast forms, bras, etc. At times when victims have been most vulnerable, we have sought to alleviate financial concerns, enable family members and care givers to be present and understood the importance of the arguably “little things” like a prosthetic bra in restoring self-confidence.

The above summary of our achievements to date is by no means meant to be exhaustive; nor do we wish to “rest on our laurels”.

On this our 20th anniversary of Lions Breast Cancer Awareness, the challenge must be for us to “make a good thing better!” To this end, the partnerships with our community must be made stronger; the commitment must be brought to a new level of intensity. We are excited about the challenges ahead and hope that you will join with us in this journey:“Lions Coming Together with you to make a Good thing better!”

Our objectives in this 20th year may be ambitious, but we do believe that with your help they are attainable. Our main goals are to:

• Increase the number of mammogram vouchers available to benefit these Islands. No woman should be left behind!

• Increase the level of our support to victims and their families – recognizing the need in many cases for ongoing assistance during an  extended treatment period;

• Expand the ambit of educational drive to particularly include our younger women /girls and empower them with vital information relating to their bodies.



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