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“Life Needs the Caribbean Sea”

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“Join Caribbean SeaFan Festival&Telethon Online #caribsea4life JUNE 8 World Ocean Day Logon to

In honor of UN World Oceans Day, June 8th, the Institute of Caribbean Studies, Washington DC is launching its “Life Needs the Caribbean Sea” Public Awareness Campaign #CaribSea4Life with the first Caribbean SeaFan Festival & Telethon Online, #CaribSeaFanFest.

The Caribbean SeaFan Festival will bring together fans of the Caribbean Sea #CaribSeaFan to create community– to tell stories that show why “Life Needs the Caribbean Sea”.

We invite to become a Caribbean Sea Fan!

The fact is the Caribbean Sea is at Risk! Coral Bleaching; OverFishing, Plastic Waste from the Land, Illegal Dumping of wastes from ships are just some of the perils that threaten the life of the Sea.

On June 8th, over a period of 8 hours, from all across the Caribbean region and beyond, fans of the Caribbean Sea — environmentalists, activists and policy makers who are working to promote environmental sustainable management of the Caribbean Sea; fisherfolk, sailors, and water sportsmen whose livelihood depend on the sea; and ordinary beach lovers, surfers and seafood enthusiasts who just simply love the Sea and the food therein– will promote a shared vision of a healthy, thriving Caribbean Sea, and show how we can all work together to make it a reality.

The Campaign, “Life Needs the Caribbean Sea” will promote awareness that we all benefit from the Sea and that we each and all have the power to make the difference that will ensure that together with the Sea, we enjoy a healthy life.   Afterall although Sea Fans look a lot like plants with colorful, forked “branches”, they’re actually animals, just like their relatives, the corals and jellies. Sea fans are colonial animals—they’re made up of many tiny, individual animals that work together as one.   Just like we must do, if the Caribbean Sea is to live. “Together we have the power to save the Caribbean Sea”.

Join us on World Ocean Day!   Become a Caribbean Sea Fan! #caribseafan Join us at the Caribbean Sea Fan Festival Online! #CaribSeafanFest

Join us at


Here’s how you can participate:

Sign on to this Thunderclap to sync your message of support and encourage your friends, colleagues, and followers to do the same.

Tell the world why you are a #CaribSeaFan

Share stories of Why Your “Life Needs the Caribbean Sea” via tweet, blog post, Poem, Haiku, Story Video, Photo on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook… You name it! Just be sure to use the hashtag #CaribSea4Life.

Visit to share your stories about why your “Life Needs the Caribbean Sea”

Become a Caribbean SeaFan. Join at

Institute of Caribbean Studies, Washington DC@icsdcorg

The Institute of Caribbean Studies (ICS) is the leading Caribbean American advocacy organization and Think-Do Taank. The vision of ICS is an environmentally sustainable, inclusive prosperous Caribbean Society. We believe Life Needs the Caribbean Sea because over 36 countries share the Caribbean Sea. For the 15 CARICOM countries alone, it provides a livelihood for over 120,000 fishers and indirect employment opportunities for hundreds of thousands of others (particularly women) in the processing, marketing, boat building, net making and other support services. Millions cruise and sail her waves; and the search for oil and deep sea bed minerals continues unabated. With all this human activity and climate change causing ocean acidification and sea level rise, the Caribbean Sea is at risk. Our vision is a clean, healthy, living Caribbean Sea in 2030. Together we have the power to save the Caribbean Sea. “Life Needs the Caribbean Sea”.

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