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Liebherr relies on expertise of Gebrüder Weiss in Eastern Europe

Gebrüder Weiss

Logistics provider manages the transport to Liebherr domestic appliances distribution agencies in seven countries throughout Eastern Europe. 

Graz / Marica / Lauterach, November 11, 2021 –  Liebherr Domestic Appliances is one of the leading producers of refrigerators and freezers in Central and Eastern Europe. Gebrüder Weiss has been running an exclusive warehouse for Liebherr`s active international business segment since the beginning of the year. The domestic appliances are stored in a 5,000 square meter terminal in Graz from which they are transported to Liebherr affiliates in seven countries across Eastern Europe.

Liebherr makes its domestic appliances for Europe in Germany (Ochsenhausen), Austria (Lienz) and Bulgaria (Marica). Gebrüder Weiss transports the refrigerators from Graz to the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovenia, and Slovakia. “The geographical position of our location in Styria is perfect for transporting goods to Eastern Europe. We put together the distribution network in close coordination with Liebherr and the processes are running very smoothly,” explains Gerhard Haas, Branch Manager Graz at Gebrüder Weiss. The logistics provider was able to implement the project within a very short space of time despite the exceptional circumstances attributable to COVID-19 disruptions. The distributor agencies in Bulgaria, Romania and Hungary are supplied directly by Gebrüder Weiss from the Liebherr facility in Marica, Bulgaria.

Workflows perfectly managed by myGW
Thanks to the logistics provider’s digitalization initiatives, it is possible to track all processes via the myGW customer portal in real time. Doing so ensures a high degree of transparency for Liebherr along the entire supply chain, covering everything from stock levels to return management and goods estimated time of arrival. This also means that the Liebherr distribution agencies in Eastern Europe know where their consignments are at all times. This is a novelty in many regions of Eastern Europe.

“The high level of transparency provided by myGW, combined with the strong Eastern European expertise of Gebrüder Weiss, is what won us over,” says Josef Oberessl, Manager Logistics Central & South Europe, at Liebherr. “In doing so, we are putting our faith in the many years of expertise of Gebrüder Weiss along with its established and dense network of branches. The market in Central and Eastern Europe is very important in our view as we continue to see considerable potential for growth there.”

The two businesses are planning to take their next steps together at the end of 2021 when, in addition to distribution to the dealers, Gebrüder Weiss will also take over Liebherr’s home delivery services in Eastern Europe.

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