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Levi Allen wins Cayman Islands EOM Excellence in Talent Development

Levi Allen of the Public Works Department (PWD) is the Cayman Islands Government Employee of the Month for January 2018, an accolade he has received for the “Pursuit of Excellence in Talent Development.”

Mr Allen, Training, Development and Safety Officer, was nominated by PWD’s Director Max Jones for his work on three major projects that were outside the ambit of his job description: Managing PWD’s successful Construction Trades Apprenticeship Programme, establishing the Department’s Group Life & Accident Insurance Policy, and carrying out the role of Project Manager (2015-17) of the annual NICE Programme, which is the National Community Enhancement Programme that provides temporary employment for Caymanians in December.

In fact, the apprenticeship programme received national attention recently when PWD was recognised by the Society of Human Resource Professionals (CISHRP) for having the ‘Best Training Programme’ in the Cayman Islands for 2017.

Mr. Allen began working with PWD in May 2008 as Training, Development and Safety Officer. In 2015 the post was upgraded to include safety. Over the years, he has been assigned several additional responsibilities which he has shouldered admirably. He was instrumental in developing the Pilot Construction Trades Apprenticeship Programme, which began in 2016, by engaging stakeholders, including the Education Ministry and Department, CI Further Education Centre (CIFEC), private sector contractors and PWD employees in training and mentoring apprentices.

To provide a robust, accredited curriculum and assess participants,  Mr Allen liaises with City and Guilds. The pilot programme resulted in five young Caymanians being awarded internationally recognised City and Guilds construction vocational certifications in 2017. The programme expanded to 15 apprentices in both level 1 and level 2 programmes in October 2017 and is expected to grow to 30 later this year.

Alan Jones, Chief Officer of the Ministry of Commerce, Planning and Infrastructure, under which PWD falls, highlighted some of the qualities Mr Allen demonstrates in his work. “Congratulations to Mr Allen for being selected as the EOM. He is a truly exceptional and invaluable employee. He is willing and able to take on any task that the Director asks of him, always immersing himself fully into the subject matter and producing excellent results. His work and dedication in relation to the outstanding PWD Apprenticeship Programme – an initiative he has led – is worthy of particular note.”

Deputy Governor Franz Manderson praised Mr Allen for his dogged determination for training and pursuing excellence. “You bring the ‘Wow!’ factor to work with you every day. In addition to playing an important role within your Department, you come up with great ideas on how PWD can improve its day-to-day operations and strengthen the lives of others.”

Mr Manderson continued, “This programme is an excellent example of innovation in the service. The programme provides young Caymanians with skills which will give them lifelong career opportunities. It also supports the demand for skilled, qualified construction technicians both at PWD and in the private sector  Your dedication to improving and enhancing the skills of your Department’s employees and young people in our Islands brought about the birth of the Apprenticeship Programme.”

To support the 5-Year Strategic Plan, the Deputy Governor’s Awards Programme has now been aligned with the Plan’s five Strategic Goals. These focus on customer experience, leadership, talent development, communications and governance. The adjustment began with the January nominating period.



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