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The iNews editorial of Wednesday 31st August has a lot of untruths in it. It falsely claims that the PPM “have said “NO” to everything the UDP has proposed”! This is a shocking & untrue statement!

The PPM have supported a few of the UDP’s proposals. For example they have publicly supported some of the Dart groups proposals; the Shetty hospital; the airport expansion & renovations; the George Town port development & berthing facility (the GLF deal); the dump proposal by Wheelabrator; to name just a few. This is public knowledge so it is false to say that the PPM has said “NO” to everything the UDP has proposed. It would be more accurate & correct for you to say that the PPM have opposed everything that the UDP has proposed that is not in the best interests of Cayman, that would not be a LIE!

Finally, for your information, Capt. Bryan Ebanks is not a member of the PPM, even though he is quite rightly a very concerned Caymanian.

Yours Truly

Christopher Wight

Editor’s reply to Christopher Wight

I thank Mr. C. Wight for replying to my Editorial in Wednesday’s (31) edition of iNews entitled “No to everything”. I was aiming my “No” by the PPM at all the recent UDP proposals AND not putting forward an alternative plan. I never said or intimated Capt. Bryan Ebanks  was a member of the PPM


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