July 12, 2020

Letter to the Editor from Carol-Ann Rudy


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Dear Mr. Wilson,

I just read your insightful article on the poems written by a Caymanian (Westin, I believe) and his daughter’s poetry as well. It was refreshing to read that you altered your opinion about free verse and started to enjoy it. Would that everyone was open to new forms in art!

Of course, free verse is no longer new with its birth in the 20th Century, and of course he is not limited to free verse as evidenced by his haikus.

I thank you too, for quoting me. Please convey my appreciation to Mr. Westin for the sampling I read here.

The Cayman community is fortunate to have a sounding board for the arts as well as hard local and national news in iEye News!

Yours sincerely,

Carol-Ann Rudy

EDITOR: The article Ms. Rudy is referring to is “Fragments are my favourite” published in Jan. 7th 2013 where I referred to her comment ““ Poetry is the language of emotion whilst narrative writing is the language of the intellect.”

The article can be found at:




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