October 19, 2020

Letter to the Editor: Dr. Florence Goring-Nozza, D.Div


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In response to an article I read in another news media I’d like to share my thoughts with the people of the Cayman Islands. As some amongst us seem to push for self determination;

I think more importantly we need to acknowledge the truths that reflect what is really happening in the present, and also revisit what took place in the past to some of our Caribbean neighbors, there is a hard lesson to be learned.

The facts are that Jamaica once a Caribbean pearl herself, has been destroyed socially and economically because of them breaking away from the UK, which was spearheaded by crooked capitalists some of which have migrated to the Cayman Islands and are now advising our politicians on how to destroy Cayman by adapting the same corrupt party politics that was the downfall of our neighboring Jamaica.

Jamaica, Cuba and Haiti were once richer, and even more successful economically than the Cayman Islands. But power hungry, and money hungry politicians talked the people into independence making promises to them of peace and prosperity with no intention to deliver. Independence costs billions of dollars, you have to pay your way out of independence, this is not simple nor a free lunch, it is very very costly and none of these countries have been able to pay the tab.

These countries struggle to pay the tab causing economic and social mayhem internally.

Secondly, Cayman does not need to test the Independence waters to understand the awful consequences of what our own plight might be.

Jamaica,Cuba and Haiti is the only model that the people of any Caribbean country needs to look at as these three countries are an inferno of witnesses to what would be awaiting the people of the Cayman Islands should we stupidly embrace Independence from our mother country, Great Britain.

We are already experiencing joblessness, crime escalating among our youth, hopelessness, pain and suffering from homegrown dictators that is causing an uproar and has triggered a 21st century revolution in the Cayman Islands. Our government has not created an environment that creates jobs nor put people back to work; but instead they have separated Caymanians from gainful employment and their dignity. Where would we be should we hand all power over to this kind of leadership by placing independence into their hands? The end result would match or supercede what has already happened in Haiti, Jamaica and Cuba.

The answer is the majority of people in the Cayman Islands opposing them could be killed or imprisoned for opposing that kind of leadership.

This is not stereotyping it is the true facts.

The Cayman Islands must stay away from independence and stay under the UK.

Dr. Florence Goring-Nozza, D.Div
Former CoChairman Cayman Concerned Citizens.

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