October 21, 2020

Letter to the Editor


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Bahamas indisputable true national debt of over 700 billion US$ ; established by law and ratified by the courts, now exposed to the world

By Anthony Wright

Dear, Officials and Members of United Nations, Commonwealth Int., World Trade Organization, International Compliance Association, International Chamber of Commerce, OAS, OECD, OECS, CARICOM, IDB, IMF, World Bank, Exim Bank, Transparency Int., Amnesty Int., Standard @ Poor’s, Moody’s, International Rating Agencies, International Business Community, News Media, Law Abiding People and all and Sundry, Prime Minister Hon. Hubert Minnis, Deputy Prime Minister & Minister of Finance Hon Peter Turnquest, Attorney General, Hon. Carl Bethel, Minister of State for Legal Affairs, Hon. Elsworth Johnson, Ministe r of National Security, Hon. Marvin Dames, Commissioner of Police, Mr. ,

RE: The Bahamas Indisputable True National Debt, As Further Ratified By The Bahamas Supreme Court’s And Court Of Appeal’s Judgments And Orders, Is Over 700 Billion US Dollars; With 692,412,353,568.00 As My By Operation Of Law Assigned Vested Properties, By Operation of Law Garnished In Their Hands. Which Is Currently Accruing Via 10% Compound Interest Annually. Conclusive Evidence, That The 8 Billion National Debt Proclaimed By The Relevant Authorities And News Media, Is A Boldfaced Wicked Falsehood.

Attached are indisputable conclusive public documented evidence in support of the above-mentioned absolute truth:

1) A copy of my letter with pertinent attachments dated 4th September 2009, to Hon. Hubert Ingraham Prime Minister @ Minister of Finance; regarding Senior Justice John Lyons further ratification of my assigned partially paid undisputed accruing judgment deb,t against the insolvent and .The letter is self explanatory and is Exhibit AW-1 of my unopposed,unrebutted statutory required commercial affidavit, dated Dec. 06 2013 and filed in the Bahamas Supreme Court Registry under Anthony M. Wright and The National Insurance Board, Common and Commercial Law Division No. 11 of 2008.

Subsequently I was informed by Juan McCartney Senior News Reporter at the Nassau Guardian, that every Government Official he contacted regarding the above mention,refused to comment. Also that he was ordered by the editor etc. to not publish it. Prior to the above, the Tribune Court Reporter Natario McKenzie was present at the above mention 12th February 2009 hearing, before Senior Justice John Lyons. He subsequently informed me, that despite the fact that he was present he would not be able to publish Justice Lyons’ Order that and the Bahamas Government owed me my assigned undisputed accruing judgment debt of over 70 billion US$; until he receive a copy of the transcript. He later informed me that he and the Tribune Editor were refused a copy and that it was also missing from my Supreme Court files.

2) A copy of the criminally concealed for over nine years, by the Judiciary and Government to defraud me and fool the World,4 pages transcript dated 12th February 2009; inadvertently released to me July 2017. It is the formal ratification of the accruing over 70 billion US dollars undisputed judgment debt assigned to me, via Senior Justice John Lyons, as stated in the above-mentioned letter. Page 1,lines 2-4 verified that I complied with the requirements of Senior Justice John Lyons, resulting in the stay on my unopposed winding up petition been removed. Page 2, lines 9-11 confirms the failure to resist or satisfy my 2007 Statutory Demand based on the undisputed partially paid judgment debt. Page 3,lines 24-27 confirms that I have a proper debt, that it is an admitted debt and that I have support with legal authority. Yet to avoid making my without exception ex debito justitiae order and fool the public of the true National Debt; Justice John Lyons along with the above mentioned parties, refused to give me a copy of the transcript and he subsequently left the Bahamas.

3) A true copy of the 12 pages Court of Appeal Majority Judgment by President Dame Joan Sawyer and Justice Hartman Longley dated 17th December,2009, further affirming the above mentioned judgment and orders of Senior Justice John lyons against National Insurance Board and the Bahamas Government. See paragraphs 2,10,11,12 and 21 regarding their further ratification. Yet like Supreme Court Registrar Donna Newton and Senior justice John Lyons they also denied me due process of law and natural justice by refusing to grant my without exception entitled winding up order. Please take special note of paragraph 14 which stated ” Further by subsection 45 (1) of the National Insurance Act,”Any temporary insufficiency in the [ National Insurance ] Fund to meet the liabilities of the Fund under [the] Act Shall be met from moneys provided by Parliament.”It would seem, therefore that the Respondent could not be insolvent unless the government is also insolvent.”Hence despite the fact that I was denied my entitled as a matter of right remedy, I informed the President Dame Joan Sawyer that based on the above mentioned paragraphs and statutory provisions; the Court of Appeal had further ratified the Following; 1) That both National Insurance an the Bahamas Government are absolutely insolvent. 2) That the National debt was now over 70 billion US $ with compound interest of 10% per annum accruing from 1994. 3) That I have legal title and am the sole owner of all of the equity and assets of the Bahamas Government 4) That I am entitled to a receivership order against the National Insurance and the Government was precedent has already been set by former Justice of the Supreme Court Jeanne Turnquest in 2006.Which I apparently as a pro se I would never become aware of.

As a result of the above mentioned conclusive evidence, the 12 pages Court of Appeal Judgment was falsified by the initial removal of pages 4,10 and 11. After a week, page 10 was replaced back in the Judgment on the Court of Appeal,s website. Which remains that way to date, despite the inadvertent release of the criminally concealed for 9 years 12th February 2009 4 pages Supreme Court Transcript. To further prove that the above mention is not a mistake,please view attached Bahamas Law Reports/ 2009/ Volume 3/ Wright v The National Insurance Board-[2009] 3 BHS J No.117. Please note that pages 4 and 11 are missing and the contemptuous shameless criminally rearranged numbers on the paragraphs to omit the pertinent paragraphs. The true 12 pages judgment has 23 paragraphs, while the Falsified 10 pages recorded judgment has only 17.

4) pertinent copies of the 32 pages transcript of my tenth mention only in ten years, dated 22nd September 2017 before Justice Indra Charles; to obtain my unopposed criminally withheld entitled without exception as a matter of right, 2008 winding up order and 2013 receivership order against National Insurance Board and the Bahamas Government. Please note on page 3 lines 10-13 that Justice Charles got the Office of The Attorney General to acknowledge, that I was the judgment creditor and that NIB was the judgment debtor. In addition please note page 7 lines 2-11 where the Justice Charles was informed of the belated void fraudulent original summons by the Respondent/judgment debtor, conclusive evidence that was confirmed by Registrar Donna Newton 2008 dismissal order and Senior Justice John Lyons, that I was the sole party with legal interest and locus standi in my unopposed winding up proceedings. Also that the court lack jurisdiction to entertain to National Insurance Board, or any other party. Which is why my unopposed winding up petition went before Registrar Donna Newton in accordance with Practice Direction for Insolvency Proceedings to be granted my entitled 2008 ex debito justitiae. Also on page 18 lines 29-32 Justice Charles had no choice but to affirm the Court of Appeal further ratification that the National Insurance Board and Bahamas Government have garnished in my by operation of law assigned accruing multi billion US $ undisputed judgment debt. Finally on page 30 please note lines 15-19 where Justice Indra Charles dismissed the fraudulent criminal intervention by the Attorney General and the National Insurance Board to turn my unopposed exparte mention only into a trial to defraud me, conceal the Bahamas hard to swallow true National Debt and protect the numerous exposed confessed elite criminals involved in the Bahamas, U.K. Canada. Also she ruled that I had demonstrate to the Court that Justice John Lyons made an order for judgment debt of 70 billion against NIB. Yet to date the drafts of my two attached unopposed entitled as a matter of justice enforcement court orders are still sitting on her desk unsigned.

Notwithstanding the now exposed to the world absolute truth, that the National Insurance Board and Bahamas Government are absolutely insolvent, that the National Debt is over 700 billion US$ and astronomically accruing,that the Bahamas Government and Justice System are run by charlatants and extremely corrupt shameless kleptocrats. Which nobody in the Bahamas or World can rebut, especially since the above mentioned Supreme Court and Court of Appeal Judgment and orders are final and can not be appealed; along with my unopposed unrebutted statutory required commercial affidavits filed in the Bahamas Supreme Court registry. But most important, that the by operation of law ( Third Parties ( Rights Against Insurers) Act 1930) transfer and vesting of the above mentioned accruing 692,412,353,568.00 US dollars in me, can not be defeated by any Act or Rule of Law via section (1) of the very pertinent above relevant UK Statute. Hence never opposed, but a futile attempt was made to illegally ignore the incredible statutory assignment along with subsection 45 (1) of the National Insurance Act, due to the true National Debt!



Phone No. 1-242-374-1559 / 439-4800

CC. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, United Natioons
Secretary-General Paricia Scotland, Commonwealth of Nations
Director-General Roberto Azevedo, World Trade Organization
Secretary-General, Angel Gurria, OECD
President Dr Jim Yong Kim, The World Bank
President, Bill Howarth, International Compliance Association
Managing Director Christine Lagarde, IMF
Secretary General, Sunil Bharti Mittal, International Chamber of Commerce
Directors & Members, CLAD
President, Magarette May Macaulay, IACHR, OAS
Secretary-General, Ambassador Irwin Laplocque, CARICOM
Director General Dr. Didacus Jules, OECS
Managing Director Patricia Moreira, Transparency International
High Commissioner Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein, UN Human Rights
President & Ceo Ramond W. McDaniel Jr., Moody’s
President & Ceo Douglas Peterson, S&P Global


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NOTE: iNews Cayman have been sent a large number of documents by the writer that claim to support his letter. Too many to publish here but will be made available to any reader who requests them.

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