September 28, 2020

Letter to Editor: Quincy Brown now on Grand Cayman


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By Quincy Brown

Cayman Brac is my home town but I am living on Grand Cayman once again. The recent drama workshops I conducted at the University College of the Cayman Islands were successful having full participation from all in attendance. There was eight hours in total split in to two hour sessions on Friday and Saturday June 15th and 16th and 22nd and 23rd. My focus was on drama which covered areas such as public speaking, speech, role play, improvisation, voice projection, stage presence, facial expression, body language and characterization. I even invited dancer and teacher Mellissa Mcfield to give a presentation on dance movement on stage and dramatic expression in dance during the June 22nd session. UCCI Professor of Cultural Studies and dance choreographer Dr. MoniKa Lawrence presented at the June 23rd session on body language which was most informative.

I continue to assist Dr. MoniKa Lawrence and Mr. Glen Inanga with the Performing Arts programme at UCCI which falls under the humanities department headed up by Dr. Mark Minott.  My title at the University College is Artiste in Residence. I started work here on November 1st 2011.

As an artiste in residence I am in the process of helping develop courses in drama at the Associates Degree level. I participate in all UCCI productions such as Christmas productions, Spring Concerts and conferences. Not only do I perform in them, but I also assist with co-directing and co-producing cultural events. A great deal of my work requires me to research online, at the library, the national archive and CNCF resource centre as it’s relevant to the performing arts at UCCI. If called upon I also assist with administrative tasks in the Arts and Humanities department.  Dr. Lawrence is my immediate supervisor and I submit a progress report to my head of department at the close of each semester.

I must say that I am thankful to UCCI President Mr. Roy Bodden and the Board of Governors for affording me with this wonderful “earning and learning” opportunity. Here’s a chance to continue my educational studies as I also do some teaching.

I would also like to inform residents on Grand Cayman that I am available to freelance as a motivational speaker, singer, story-teller, humorist, master of ceremonies and as a speech tutor. For your private functions or corporate Christmas staff parties I can be contacted very easily.

For more information on the services I provide, don’t hesitate to email [email protected] or call 924 8446.

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