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Let’s hope this calm is here to stay

A murder free weekend in Cayman?

Sounds like a strange concept given the events of recent times but that’s just what we’ve had and what a welcome relief it’s been.

After five young men lost their lives in the space of eight days, our beautiful home country was plunged into a sickening and unprecedented new low. Could it have gotten any worse? I certainly thought so.

Over the weekend I was just waiting for my telephone to ring to give me more bad news. It has become second nature, part of the norm.

Since Robert Bush was murdered on September 13th, we have virtually had a shooting every other day up until last Thursday. Let’s hope this current lull is here to stay.

It’s been an extremely testing time for the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service who have asked, and rightly so, for outside help dealing with the tit-for-tat shootings.

But just because there hasn’t been any more murders doesn’t mean that’s the end of that. Work still has to be done to bring those responsible to justice for these senseless and horrific acts of violence.

Investigators have to find those responsible as no one wants trigger happy murderers roaming our streets just because their latest scores have been settled.

The police still need your help and I urge anyone who has any information, no matter how minuscule they think it is, to contact police in confidence using the Crimestoppers hotline 1-800 –TIPS (8477) .

I don’t know why the murders have seemed to have halted. Maybe it’s the increased patrols the Police promised are starting to have an affect. I hope so, and if that is the case then they should not become complacent.

They must keep the pressure on, not only to protect the people who may be targeted next but to protect our country as well.

The parents of some of those who have fallen victim to an assassin’s bullet buried their children over the weekend. Their mental scars will take time to heal. No parent should ever have to bury their own children no matter what the circumstances.

Cayman needs calm. Let’s hope it stays this way.




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