October 23, 2020

Large cloud of African dust spreading across the Atlantic


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From ABC 13

is monitoring the Gulf closely for any activity.

The National Hurricane Center is giving an area of low pressure near the Carolinas a 20% chance of developing this week, otherwise no tropical development is expected. In fact, Travis says a large swath of dry, dusty air from Africa’s Sahara Desert stretches across the Atlantic and into the eastern . This is usually a signal that activity in the deep tropics will be minimal for the next couple of weeks.

This dust cloud should blow into , turning the sky a hazy gray for the weekend. Allergies and asthma may also flare up in sensitive individuals.

Water temps in the main development region remain well below normal, and last week’s tropical rains in the Gulf have cooled off water temps there as well. Travis says the water temps are already warming in the Gulf and should soon be back above normal.

Strong winds along the coast today will lead to a high risk for dangerous rip currents.

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