July 29, 2021

KRyS Global scholar graduates with Honours and “Magna Cum Laude” distinction

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Phillip Graduation with Ken

Phillip Graduation with Ken

Phillip Pierson “couldn’t be more grateful” with the opportunities provided to him through his job at KRyS Global. Having an interest in accounting as soon as he was introduced to it at John Gray High School, along with great ambition to be successful both in his academics as well as his career, he blended right in with the company.

Phillip was first introduced to Ken Krys, Founder and CEO of KRyS Global, as part of Mentoring Cayman 2007. He was then given the opportunity to work with the company during his school vacations in 2007. Upon graduating from high school, Phillip was honoured with the Top Academic Male Achiever award. KRyS Global then offered Phillip an opportunity to work full with the company which he happily accepted.

Sponsored by KRyS Global, Phillip attended the Global Young Leaders Conference in Europe in 2008. After his attendance at the conference, Phillip began working full time with the company. With more opportunities afforded him by KRyS Global, Phillip attended the International College of the Cayman Islands where he began his Associates of Science Degree in Accounting in 2008. He completed his Associate’s Degree in 2010.

Phillip wanted to spread his wings a little further afield to gain valuable international experience. KRyS Global agreed and provided Phillip with an opportunity to attend the University of Tampa where he would study towards his Bachelors of Science Degree in Accounting. Phillip continued to work part-time for the company during his Christmas and summer vacations. He completed his Bachelor’s Degree in fall 2012 where he graduated with Honours and “Magna Cum Laude” distinction.

Phillip graduated with his Bachelor’s Degree 2012, and those that travelled to Tampa to support him included his proud parents Mr. & Mrs. Forde Pierson, his extended family members and Kenneth Krys.

KRyS Global are also providing Phillip with the opportunity to continue with his studies at the University of Tampa and work towards achieving his Master’s Degree in Accounting. He is expected to complete this degree in Spring of 2014 when he will return to KRyS Global to work full time. Not one to rest on his laurels, Phillip is keen to continue studying while working and he has his eye firmly on the Certified Public Accountant (“CPA”) and Certified Fraud Examiner (“CFE”) designations.

“Acquiring the CPA and CFE designations will allow me to serve as a great asset to KRyS Global and assist in their everyday activities involving corporate recovery, fraud investigations, and the like.”

Commenting on Phillip’s progress to date, Ken Krys said, “Phillip has shown great focus over the years, striving to improve on his leadership potential and personal development as a result of the opportunities afforded to him by the company. I am happy that we are able to invest in the future of Cayman as well as the future of our firm.”

Phillip concluded, “I will be forever grateful for the opportunities that Mr. Kenneth Krys and KRyS Global have provided me, and cannot thank them enough for having the advancement of young Caymanians at heart. I look forward to growing with the company in the years to come.”

About KRyS Global

KRyS Global has over 65 professionals who work from offices in several jurisdictions including the Cayman Islands, British Virgin Islands, Bahamas, Bermuda and Guernsey. The firm specializes in providing corporate recovery, fraud investigation and forensic accounting, money laundering investigations, business advisory services, consulting and regulatory compliance services.

Further information is available at www.KRyS-Global.

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