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Knives from weird objects

You need to watch this guy make sharp knives out of weird objects

It can be argued that if something has the ability to cut through objects, it can technically be considered a knife.

So taking this rule to the extreme, you can turn all sorts of things into knives. At least, that’s the mentality of YouTuber and knife-maker extraordinaireKiwami Japan, who turns rice, jello, and other unexpected objects into sharp cutting tools.

Upon watching these videos, I’m honestly not sure if I should be impressed, or scared. Take for example one of Kiwami’s most popular videos in which he takes a bunch of Jell-O, melts it down, and turns it into what looks like a deadly Jolly Rancher nightmare.

If you’re not feeling the Jell-O knife, he also made one entirely out of pasta that can stab through cardboard and cut through vegetables. The best part about this knife is that it’s also entirely edible after boiling.

But if you’re looking for something even more impressive, his rice knife will leave you in awe. And we absolutely cannot forget his cardboard knife that bring a whole meaning to the word “paper cut.”

Kiwami’s ice knife is something straight out of a video game. It isn’t the sharpest knife, but it still managed to pass his veggie-slicing test with flying colors.

Most of these knives can take weeks for Kiwami to make, but considering the knowledge and chemistry that goes into creating them, they always manage to impress with their sharp cutting abilities.

With his cutting-edge designs, he is certain to find a way to make even the softest of objects into a slicing machine.

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