April 23, 2021

Kissinger: Defeating ISIS Could Lead to ‘Iranian Radical Empire’

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By Jason Devaney From Newsmax

A vast Iranian empire could take over lands occupied by the Islamic State (ISIS) if the terror group is defeated, former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger argued in an opinion piece.

Kissinger wrote on CapX.com that recapturing the lands ISIS currently controls could come at a steep price for the Middle East and the rest of the world.

“Across large areas of Iraq and Syria, an ideologically radical religious army, ISIS, has declared itself a relentless foe of modern civilization, seeking violently to replace the international system’s multiplicity of states with a single Islamic empire governed by Sharia law,” Kissinger wrote.

“In these circumstances, the traditional adage that the enemy of your enemy can be regarded as your friend no longer applies.

“Most non-ISIS powers — including Shia Iran and the leading Sunni states — agree on the need to destroy it. But which entity is supposed to inherit its territory? A coalition of Sunnis? Or a sphere of influence dominated by Iran?”

Kissinger then went on to explain that the territory could fall into Iran’s hands, which could lead to a larger land grab.

“If the ISIS territory is occupied by Iran’s Revolutionary Guards or Shia forces trained and directed by it, the result could be a territorial belt reaching from Tehran to Beirut, which could mark the emergence of an Iranian radical empire,” he wrote.

American and coalition forces have hammered ISIS positions in Iraq and Syria this year. It was reported last week that the White House is willing to work with Congress on formerly declaring war on ISIS, which would reauthorize military action against the group.

There were reports that ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was killed in an airstrike, although U.S. officials are now unsure whether he is dead or alive.

IMAGE: Kissinger: Defeating ISIS Could Lead to ‘Iranian Radical Empire’
Henry Kissinger (Getty Images)

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