May 14, 2021

[Kindergartens Festival 2021] – Explore options and find the best school for your child

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SCMP Events & Conferences

South China Morning Post‘s Kindergartens Festival is back! 
his year we have expanded beyond just a one-day exhibition and offer a 3-step approach that guides you through various stages of research, prioritisation and decision making for your child’s education.One-stop-destination for parents’ first-step research on a large selection of international and private kindergartens, including their curriculum, programmes, facilities and offerings. This helps you to shortlist your interested schools and prioritise further research on those that fit your selection criteria.A series of panel discussions that allow you to acquire knowledge on school systems and the latest development in early childhood education. This helps you to figure out what you want for your children from kindergarten education and form an educated basis for your decision making.At this physical event to be held in JW Marriott Hotel, you are able to get facetime with principals of the schools of your choice and get in-depth answers to your questions that are critical to choosing the right school. You can also learn from experts on how to support, foster and facilitate your children’s learning, well-being and social development in a pandemic.Reserve your ticket !
We are looking forward to seeing you at our event. Register ►
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