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Kids get all fired up over pottery

Children from the Rehoboth summer camp had a chance to get their hands dirty at All Fired Up on Tuesday.

The outreach ministry group has been running since 1994 with the help from a government grant. In addition to the summer camp there is also an after school club that runs throughout term time.

The summer camp programme, which is based across from George Town Primary School, has 26 children aged 5 – 12 years old, to entertain from 8am – 5pm.

Programme Director Beulah McField said’ “It’s great that there is somewhere like this [All Fired Up] that we can take the children where they will able to be creative and learn something new. We do all the fun activities on the island that the tourists do and more.”

Volunteers and interns at Rehoboth encourage children to work on their social skills with peers of ages and can really see the difference after only a few days.

“I love working with them. We try to show them love and discipline by setting out the rules when they first arrive but also giving them the creative freedom.” Said Ms McField’s assistant, Jacqueline Nelson-Jackson.

Intern Nikita Durrant wanted to keep busy over the summer holidays so joined Rehoboth to enhance her organisational and motivational skills. “Its great to see the difference in the kids. Some come in very shy at first and then after a few days of making friends and being encouraged to speak up, they are much more confident.”

Hayley Jervis and Katherine Erskine, both 10 years old, met at the summer camp and said their favorite activity so far had been the waterslides.

Kiara Harding aged 6¾ said, “I like watching the movies. We saw the Hulk and his face was as green as this paint!”

Jordan Whittaker aged 5 liked the trip to the Turtle Farm the most, “We saw sharks, crocodiles and baby turtles. We leant where they live and what they eat.”

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