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Kia Makes Unexpected Debut at Work Truck Week

Kia America
  • Follows recent CES debut of concept all-electric PLATFORM BEYOND VEHICLES designed for use by businesses large and small
  • 2024 marks Kia’s first time at the show

Kia America is making its Work Truck Week debut at the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis March 6-7, 2024. Kia will exhibit concept models of two Platform Beyond Vehicles (PBVs) – the PV5 and the PV7.

“Kia’s exciting foray into this important segment of the overall industry represents our steadfast commitment to the electrification of transportation and aligns perfectly with our Plan S strategy to become a global leader in sustainable mobility,” said Steven Center, COO & EVP of Kia America.

Kia’s first PBV concept, the PV5, is an EV optimized for rideshare hailing as exemplified by Kia’s recent MOU signing ceremony with Uber to explore new partnership ideas. The PV5 will be designed to provide customizable delivery services. Enhanced connectivity between these PBVs and expansion of external data such as route or delivery information is expected to enable convenient and efficient operation of multiple vehicles within software-defined fleet management solution. The PV5 concept was presented at CES in various versions, including Basic, High Roof, Robotaxi and Pickup, with potential for arrival in the US market in 2026.

The PV7 is the largest product in the current concept PBV line-up, and will be designed with more interior space, impressive all-electric driving range, and enhanced functionality.

Kia’s advanced fleet management solutions will be designed to allow customers to efficiently oversee multiple vehicles and provide real-time logistical insights on sales, inventory, and delivery schedules. Features may include inventory monitoring, temperature control, and intelligent route planning for ultimate EV efficiency. The solution is intended to streamline fleet management with real-time data and AI integration for predictive maintenance and optimal efficiency.


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