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Kia America’s Super Bowl Spot Celebrates the Hidden Power Within us All

Kia America
  • 60-second “Perfect 10” ad showcases the power of the pioneering all-new Kia EV9 EV SUV
  • Kia’s 15th creative marketing campaign that includes a Super Bowl broadcast component is set to Cat Power and Coldplay’s collaborative track “Wish I Was Here”
  • Integrated marketing campaign for Kia’s flagship three-row EV SUV includes broadcast, print and social media elements 

This weekend, Kia America returns to the Super Bowl with a 60-second spot featuring the all-new 2024 Kia EV9, the first mass market three-row EV SUV in the U.S. Designed to be a mobile power source, the EV9 is the centerpiece of a comprehensive marketing campaign that kicks off on game day and highlights the power that lives in all of us, the power to brighten someone’s day. 

Set to Cat Power and Coldplay’s collaborative track “Wish I Was Here,” a determined young figure skater finishes her program and looks up to see an empty seat beside her Dad. As the two drive away from the arena, the father quickly recognizes his daughter’s disappointment that someone special wasn’t there and detours into the woods and through the snow to a frozen pond in front of a secluded cabin. After the father quickly strings lights among the bushes and sets up a large speaker – all powered by the EV9’s Vehicle to Load (V2L)[i] capability – the young girl delivers a flawless encore performance on the makeshift ice rink for an audience of one, her grandfather, who watches from inside the cabin.

“The Kia EV9 is electric like you’ve never seen, and ‘Perfect 10’ will introduce our groundbreaking three-row EV SUV to more than 100 million people with a heartwarming story about the power we all have inside of us, the power to make someone smile,” said Russell Wager, vice president, marketing, Kia America. 

Created by David&Goliath, Kia’s creative agency, additional campaign assets include, :30, :15 and :06-second cut downs of the :60-second spot, as well as digital, print, and social media extensions.

The 2024 EV9 is arriving in dealerships now and is available for sale in all 50 states[ii].

[i] V2L requires the purchase of separately sold additional equipment and may not be compatible with all devices. These features can be used until a 20 percent battery state of charge. Refer to the vehicle’s Owner’s Manual for warnings and instructions.

[ii] Inventory expected to be limited.


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