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Kerran should have been on a date

The last seen images of Kerran at Airport Foster’s

Police yesterday re-evaluated recent searches of Frank Sound and South Sound, while investigating reports that Kerran Baker, missing for 11 days, may have had an East End dinner date on the evening
she vanished.

“We have had a lot of new information in the last 24 hours,” Detective Superintendent Marlon Bodden said yesterday, updating the hunt for Ms Baker, 25, who disappeared nearly two weeks ago.

“It takes only a second for someone to tell us something, and we have had a lot of that kind of information,” he said, alluding to reports that the nurse’s assistant may have scheduled a Saturday-evening meal with a friend in East End.

“It takes time to see if these things have any bearing, though. We have heard that, and it is part of our inquiries, but we cannot comment on it openly,” he said. “We have sightings of her in West Bay, East End and South Sound.”

John Jones, Chief Superintendent, rejected rumours that police had confiscated travel documents from a previous boyfriend of Ms Baker after he tried to leave Owen Roberts Airport
on Wednesday.

“Not that we have knowledge of,” he commented. “We have gone through the movements of a lot of people – close friends, acquaintances, boyfriends – but no one has been arrested.

“People have been coming forward slowly as to various events, although we still really have nothing that assists us after the last sighting at Foster’s Food Fair on Saturday.”

Ms Baker was last seen on CCTV footage from Foster’s Food Fair at the airport at approximately 7pm Saturday. Investigators later found bagged groceries and a handbag on the kitchen counter at Ms Baker’s Arrow Drive home in Bodden Town.

“We have done coordinated searches in sections of Frank Sound and a more detailed search in South Sound,” Mr Bodden said, “and some areas in East End.”

“We are looking for anything that might suggest a shallow grave, articles of clothing, jewellery that may have been discarded in a forced separation. But we cannot rush the search for evidence. Sometimes the smallest thing can make a difference.”

He sought to reassure women who feared a serial killer might be at large, saying police had no evidence to suggest Ms Baker’s disappearance was connected with that of Anna Evans six months ago, who vanished at the George Town landfill. No trace of her has
been found.

“Fear just drives more fear,” Mr Bodden said, “and that can lead to inaction. I would say do not be afraid, but be aware of your own surroundings, your own safety and security. You should not take that for granted.”

No leads had yet emerged as the result of finding certain documents earlier this week, he said, but rejected any idea that a criminal assault on Ms Baker might go unresolved.

“He will slip up eventually,” he said, dismissing any suggestion of a criminal scheme. “It always happens.”


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