November 30, 2020

Judge orders Dutch the service dog to death

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dutchIf you haven’t read our story on Dutch please do. The link is below.

PLEASE sign the Care2 petition because there is an appeal.

Save Dutch the Service Dog

  • Target: Government officials of the city of Montrose, Colorado
  • Sponsored by: J Drake

Update: a Montrose judge ordered Dutch to be put down, but Dutch’s lawyer plans to appeal. Sign to support the decision to save the dog’s life!

Dutch was accused of being a “vicious” dog and is now in danger of euthanization by court order.

Last November, he bit someone and left puncture wounds. The person who was bit admits that they spent several minutes punching, kicking, and hitting him with a metal pole before he retaliated. Read Dutch’s full story here:

Send a message to the City of Montrose animal control office to stop the unwarranted euthanization of an Army Veteran’s service dog by signing and sharing this petition.

To sign the petition go to:

To see iNews Cayman story of Feb 10 2013 go to:

Care2 Dutch

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