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Joan Wilson gets a surprise award for being 80

IMG_2501 rev1 -topJoan Wilson was 80 years young in September but she has been celebrated ever since.

Yes celebrated by her peers.

It started in late October when her church Elmslie Memorial United on the George Town waterfront gave a birthday party for her with her friend Grace (McTaggart) Hurst who was also 80 at the church hall.

She was presented with the attached placard signed by the attendees and there was entertainment from friends and guests including the cast of “Mary Slessor: Great White Ma” and both young and not so young.

Of course Joan had to join in and she sang the beautiful Isla Grant song “Hope” accompanied by Antonio – the Elmslie Musical Director- on piano. Antonio is an accomplished cello player too and he performed to both Joan’s and Gracie’s delight.

Then last week she was invited to attend an evening worship service at Savannah United Church and she was surprised again to get another presentation from the United Women’s Fellowship Group for her many, many years of devoted service.

Joan is Publisher of iNews Cayman and was co-founder of CITN/Cayman27.


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