April 12, 2021

James Dyson could purchase 89% of the property market in his hometown of Cromer

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Research by the world’s leading high-net-worth mortgage broker, Enness Global, has revealed which British HNWs have the strongest property purchasing power based on their net worth in relation to the property markets of their hometowns. 

Sir James Dyson is the UK’s most successful HNW with a net worth just shy of £14.2bn. Born in Cromer, North Norfolk on 2nd May 1947, his name is now synonymous with supplying the best hoovers in the business. 

The research by Enness shows that there are an estimated 56,623 residential properties across North Norfolk with the area home to an average house price of £282,889. Based on his net worth, Dyson could purchase 50,170 of them, meaning he could afford to buy 89% of his hometown. 

Billionaire chemical engineer turned financier and industrialist, Jim Ratcliffe, is based out of Monaco today. However, if he did choose to head back to his hometown of Oldham, his current net worth of £13.5bn would allow him to purchase 90% of the 95,505 homes in the area.

Chief Exec of Bet365, Denise Coates, is one of the most successful female HNW in the UK with a net worth of £10.2bn. In her home town of Stoke-on-Trent, her net worth would be enough to snap up 51% of the 116,310 homes there based on the current average house price of £122,742. 

Dame Margret Barbour also flies the flag for the UK’s female HNWs, with a net worth of £1.5bn, enough to buy 14% of the property market in her hometown of Middlesbrough. 

Other well-known names on the list include Sir Philip Green, Sir Alan Sugar and Karren Brady, as well as celebrities such as J.K. Rowling, Lewis Hamilton, Ed Sheeran and David Beckham. Although their purchasing power is considerably lower, with them being able to afford between 0.2% and 3% of their hometown property markets.

Managing Director of Enness Global Mortgages, Hugh Wade-Jones, commented: 

“For most high-net-worth individuals, their property portfolio is likely to consist of a handful of outstanding properties across a range of global markets and it’s unlikely that any of them have ambitions to own the vast majority of their hometown’s real estate. 

However, we thought it did make an interesting gauge of success to look at individual net worth in relation to property prices in the markets where it all started for them. To propel yourself to a point where you can boast the ability to purchase as much as 90% of your hometown is a pretty impressive achievement, particularly given the tough obstacle homeownership poses to the average buyer.”

CategoryNameNet worth (£)BirthplaceCurrent average house priceTotal number of homesNumber of homes affordedNumber of homes afforded (%)
HNWSir Jim Ratcliffe£13,482,837,000Oldham£157,24695,50585,74389.78%
HNWSir James Dyson£14,192,460,000Cromer, North Norfolk£282,88956,62350,17088.60%
HNWDenise Coates£7,238,154,600Stoke-on-Trent£122,742116,31058,97050.70%
HNWDame Margaret Barbour£1,092,819,420Middlesbrough£119,22063,2619,16614.49%
HNWSir Philip Green£1,915,982,100Croydon£383,293161,0604,9993.10%
HNWMary Perkins£1,450,000,000Bristol£311,829200,6144,6502.32%
CelebJ.K. Rowling£709,623,000South Gloucestershire£295,823119,9582,3992.00%
CelebLewis Hamilton£202,242,555Stevenage£287,58437,3667031.88%
HNWSir Alan Sugar£922,509,900Hackney£623,031111,5591,4811.33%
CelebEd Sheeran£141,924,600Calderdale£161,66295,4838780.92%
CelebDavid Beckham£319,330,350Waltham Forest£485,676103,6426570.63%
CelebDaniel Craig£113,539,680Cheshire West and Chester£227,383160,0744990.31%
CelebSharon Osbourne£156,117,060Lambeth£548,660141,5072850.20%
HNWKarren Brady£87,283,629Enfield£415,126126,2552100.17%
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–          Enness Global arranges high-value mortgages and finances secured against prime real estate in the UK and internationally. 

–          They work exclusively with over 300 global lenders to secure the best terms based on individual circumstances. 

–          They offer cohesive global mortgage solutions via a network of international offices and understand the intricacies of individual market places. 

–          Enness CEO, Islay Robinson, co-founded the company in 2007 and his expertise have recently been recognised by The Spear’s 500 Guide to the best private client advisers. 

–          Co-founder of Enness and Managing Director Hugh Wade-Jones is a widely recognised industry leader, winning Best Broker for Large Loans for three consecutive years, and described by the Financial Times as the to go mortgage broker for the super rich. 

–          Both have decades of industry experience between them and are unrivalled in their knowledge of the sector. 

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