November 23, 2020

Jamaican Authors Launch Books Together

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Howard Hamilton

Howard Hamilton

Howard Hamilton and Adam McIntyre Take Readers into the Court and Prison Systems

Defence lawyer extraordinaire Howard Hamilton and veteran correctional officer Adam McIntrye visit Books & Books, Camana Bay on Friday, February 15, from 7-8:30pm for the joint launch of their books Born to Defend and Understanding the Criminal. Together, they give readers a behind-the-scenes tour of the court system and an inside look into the minds of the criminals themselves.

This free event will include a special introduction from


Adam McIntyre

Adam McIntyre

guest speakers Ramon Alberga Q.C. and Roy Bodden followed by an author presentation, group discussion and book signing.

About the Books

Born to Defend

Born to Defend_LRBorn to Defend provides both lawyers and non-lawyers a fascinating and informative guide on practical, strategic and philosophical matters arising from the court system. Pulling from decades of experience as a defence lawyer, Hamilton presents his perspective on some of the Caribbean’s most infamous criminal law cases, including controversial murder trials from Jamaica, Bermuda and the Cayman Islands. With outstanding judgement and attention to detail, Hamilton brings technical legal issues vividly to light, and, going beyond the facts, he offers insight into the human side of the criminal trial process. Hamilton also discusses the factors that propelled him towards the Bar and pays tribute to his mentor, the late Ian Ramsay.

With guiding tips skilfully interspersed throughout a series of intriguing first-hand accounts, Born to Defend will appeal to young lawyers honing their skills as well as laymen looking for an enthralling read.

Understanding the Criminal_LRUnderstanding the Criminal

The call to understand the criminal is a compelling imperative that demands our most unwavering attention. Technology and globalization have contracted the world, placing us in a common village where we are vulnerable to the criminal’s ruthless grasp. Although we know why we sent the offender to prison, we are oblivious of the effect of the prison on him after he has been duly punished and rehabilitated. Our dilemma is this: the criminal has been arrested, convicted, punished and misunderstood.

In riveting detail, McIntyre shares the unvarnished truth about the way criminals think of mainstream society. He offers a guided tour around the criminal’s mind, having not only served as a prison officer, teacher and counsellor for almost twenty years, but, as a result of a fortuitous mishap, also a prisoner. In Understanding the Criminal, the felon is given an unfettered forum to reason with us, to present the arguments of his case to us—a jury of his peers. Alarmingly, the “trail” at times will uncover evidence proving that we ourselves were unwitting accomplices in his crimes.

Born to Defend and Understanding the Criminal are now available at Books & Books.

About the Authors

Howard Hamilton, C.D., Q.C., J.P. was born in Kingston, Jamaica and studied criminal law at Jamaica College and Lincoln’s Inn. Over his more than 50 year career, he has recorded victories in every parish of Jamaica as well as the Bahamas, Bermuda, the Cayman Islands, Grenada, St. Kitts and the Privy Council and, with Patrick Atkinson, shared a partnership of 73 victories straight in the Circuit Court. He also has the distinction of defending two Jamaican Prime Ministers of opposing governments – Michael Manley in the Top Hill Enquiry and Hugh Lawson Shearer in the Maffesanti Enquiry. Presently, Hamilton is Vice-President of the Caribbean Association of Ombudsmen and is an active humanitarian, serving on the boards of numerous non-profit organisations.

Adam John McIntyre is a veteran correctional officer, a teacher, playwright and poet.  After graduating from West Indies College, now Northern Caribbean University, he taught in four schools in Jamaica before undertaking graduate and post graduate studies in Social Work, Community Service, Political Science and History at International College of the Cayman Islands and Syracuse University. He served as a Prison Education Coordinator for almost twenty years in Her Majesty’s Prison, Northward, Cayman Islands and was the pioneer of several novel prison rehabilitation initiatives, including sending inmates, for the first time, to sit GCE and GED exams, achieving a 100% pass rate.

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Books & Books Grand Cayman is located in the Town Centre of Camana Bay, at 45 Market Street, where it is open Monday through Saturday from 10:00am to 9:00pm. The store number is 345.640.2665

Books & Books was one of the first shops to open in the Town Centre of Camana Bay; Grand Cayman’s most vibrant shopping and entertainment destination. The store is designed to encourage customers to explore and creates a sense of discovery with a large section dedicated to Caymanian authors, as well as a vast number of titles of Caribbean interest. A light and airy room dedicated to children has a particularly impressive selection of picture books in addition to toys, educational games and books for kids of all ages. The new and notable fiction section includes New York Times bestsellers, while the art room has a comprehensive collection of architecture, design, photography and gardening books.

The Books & Books International Visiting Author Series brings renowned authors from around the world to Grand Cayman. The store has hosted more than 100 writers including Salman Rushdie, Michael Ondaatje, Robert Goolrick, Alexander McCall Smith and Dylan Lauren and children’s authors and illustrators such as Mo Willems, Loren Long and Anna Dewdney.

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