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Jacksonville shooting: Several killed at video game tournament

From BBC

Several people have been killed in a mass shooting at an entertainment complex in Jacksonville, Florida, police say.

The sheriff’s office said on Twitter that many people had been wounded and urged people to avoid the area.

They said a suspect was dead at the scene.

Reports suggest the shooting happened during a video game tournament being held at the Jacksonville Landing.

Dozens of shots can be heard in a video that appears to show the event being streamed online on the Twitch platform.

The players were reportedly playing the American football game Madden at the time.

Drini Gjoka, a 19-year-old player taking part, described the shooting in a series of posts on Twitter, calling it “the worst day of [his] life”.

“I am literally so lucky. The bullet hit my thumb,” he tweeted.

The local sheriff’s office said Swat teams were searching the area for potential further suspects.

Police said on Twitter that “many people” were still hiding in locked areas of the complex, and urged them to stay calm.

The Jacksonville Landing is a large shopping and dining complex built along the St John’s River in the city’s downtown.

IMAGE: GLHF GAME BARImage captionThe incident was reported at a game tournament in a restaurant

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