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Island Networks for Resilience

Small and isolated communities face a host of challenges, including limited financial and human resources. As environmental and economic disruptions escalate worldwide, how do we ensure that island communities aren’t left behind? “Network weaving” a strategy that can add capacity and accelerate the pace of problem-solving in places where time and resources are limited. Thoughtfully designed peer-to-peer engagement can facilitate the solutions sharing, leadership development, and personal relationships to help island communities thrive in the face of change.

Our partner from the U.S. state of Maine, The Island Institute, has consistently returned to sponsor all four of our Virtual Island Summits! This NGO recognizes the importance of networking to create resilient island communities. More than ever, social networks and online communitiesfacilitate access to knowledge and create new possibilities to collaborate, without the need to travel long distances. Today, our newsletter highlights the session “Island Networks for Resilience“. We encourage you to take advantage of the upcoming Virtual Island Summit to create connections that matter for building a better future.

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Contribute to the Virtual Island Summit 2022!
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­ ­ ­ ­The  Virtual Island Summit 2022 will provide several opportunities to interact with speakers and other attendees to expand your network. The Summit will emphasize the need for input and partnerships from across the private, public, academic and NGO sectors. You can contribute to the event by sharing it with your network and inviting people who can add up to the discussions!­Access the Promotion Guide­

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­­The Fellowship is a voluntary internship with Island Innovation. The program allows interns to gain valuable experience working in a social enterprise within the sustainable development sector. We are a fully virtual company that accepts applications from all over the world. We welcome all candidates, including those currently living on islands or in remote and rural regions.­
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