September 21, 2020

Is second hand vapor from E-cigarettes dangerous?


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Cigarettes and tobacco are out, vapes are in. In almost everywhere we look, there is at least one person who puffs and exhales vapor through the battery-operated or electronic cigarettes. Many people did the switch because unlike actual cigarettes, these deliver nicotine through a vapor rather than the combustion system of traditional cigarettes. Combustion involves fire, tobacco and the emission of toxic chemicals.

Although it is a consensus that is safer, some believe that it is even nonexistent, several research teams have begun to analyze the effect of secondhand vapor. According to ’s sector’s research declared vape and e-cigarettes 95% safer than the conventional tobacco and cigars. But, it is still important to note that “safer” doesn’t necessarily mean there are no dangers lying beneath.

In fact, many studies aim to prove that e-cigarettes may after all produce the same health hazards of regular smoking—from short term changes in the respiratory functions to potential threats of certain flavorings or juices that are linked to lung disease. Yes, technically e-cigarettes might have fewer carcinogens than regular cigarettes, they still contain nicotine, which can impair brain development and cause mood disorders in adolescents.

Because it is fast becoming a trend today, many people ask: Should we worry about the second hand smoke—in this case, second hand vapor? Should non-vapers should be worried about its health effects too?



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