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Is Indianapolis the right market for your business advertising efforts? 5 Pros and Cons

There are currently over 61,000 digital billboards displayed across the United States. The most effective billboards are expertly placed along high-traffic areas in some of the country’s most populated cities. When you picture the perfect spot to get your advertisement seen, your mind may go directly to places like Times Square or the Hollywood Walk of Fame. While places like this are great for getting as many eyes on your advertisement as possible, there are plenty of highly populated cities that make great backdrops for billboard advertising. Today we are going to look at Indianapolis and help you determine if this city is right for your business to advertise in.

About Indianapolis

Before we dive into the advertising potential of this city, let’s take a look at what it has to offer. Indianapolis is the most populous city in Indiana and is also the capital city of the state. It is located within Marion County and is home to almost 900,000 people. Tourists in the city enjoy attractions such as the Indianapolis Zoo, the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis and the Soldiers and Sailors Monument. This city is also home to many parks like the Eagle Creek Park or the White River State Park.

Indianapolis is also a sports-heavy city and is home to the Lucas Oil Stadium, Victory Field, and the Bankers Life Fieldhouse. The city also gets plenty of traffic near its college campuses. Indianapolis is home to the University of Indianapolis, Indiana Wesleyan University, National American University and Indiana University – Purdue University Indianapolis.

As for major highways, Indianapolis has interstates 465, 65 and 70 which are all high traffic and run around and throughout the city. They also have three airports the Indianapolis International Airport, the Indy South Greenwood Airport, Eagle Creek Airport and Indianapolis Regional Airport.

Pros of Advertising in Indianapolis

So how does Indianapolis stack up as an advertising city? This depends on what and who you are looking to advertise to. Being that Indianapolis is the most populated city in Indiana, if you are looking to advertise to people in this state specifically, this is the best city for the job. There is no better city in Indiana to advertise in when looking to corner a local market. If you want your advertisement seen by the people of Indiana, place your billboards in Indianapolis along one of the major highways that locals use daily.

Another pro of advertising in Indianapolis comes to those who wish to advertise to college students. With four major universities within the city limits, there is no shortage of young adults wandering the city. Place your billboards in Indianapolis near college campuses and areas where college students are known to frequent to get your ad seen by the right people.

In addition to being a thriving college town, the number of sports stadiums in this city presents advertisers with another great opportunity. If you are looking to advertise to people attending games and sporting events, Indianapolis has plenty of space for outdoor ads around their stadiums.

Cons of Advertising in Indianapolis

One of the major cons when it comes to Indianapolis as an advertising city is that there is not a high prevalence of tourism. If you are not advertising to a local market specifically, cities with high instances of tourism can really help boost your ad. While thousands of people do travel to Indianapolis each day, it doesn’t necessarily have the same level of out-of-town traffic that New York, Los Angeles, or even Nashville does. If this is important to you when advertising, try Chicago instead. Chicago is a city that will help get a more diverse range of people looking at your ad but is still in the Midwest area.

In terms of general advertising, Indianapolis is not as dense population wise as some of the other cities in the US. While Indianapolis is by no means a low-density area, it only ranks as 15th in the nation, making cities like Dallas, San Jose, Phoenix, or Philadelphia better for general advertising. If you have the budget to put billboards in multiple cities, then Indianapolis is a great addition to your list. If you only plan to put your ad in one or two different cities, there are places you may want to choose before Indianapolis.

Billboards in Indianapolis

If you are looking to increase your brand’s visibility with outdoor advertising, Indianapolis has the potential to help your business grow. The city gets tons of traffic around its major highways, sports stadiums, and college towns. Depending on the product or service you are advertising, Indianapolis may just be the answer to your advertising prayers.


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