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Is humanity teetering between ‘Groundhog Day’ destinies?

Dr. Pieter Noomen Offered Insights into Possible Future Scenarios

Los Angeles, CA, February 6, 2023 — While Groundhog Day may seem like a fun, annual ritual, it really doesn’t matter whether the rodent sees its shadow or not, because the weather doesn’t care … which harkens the old joke, “Everybody complains about the weather, but nobody ever does anything about it.” The same might be said about the state of humanity in 2023.

Dr. Pieter Noomen gave a lot of thought to the future of humanity, and he wrote extensively about it on his website,,with a viewpoint that he said came from the highest of all sources.

“There is quite some speculation about the future of our planet,” he wrote. “Especially now that humans have the potential to destroy it, or at least life on it as we know it … How long will humans be able to live on it? … Predictions are made about the course our planet will take towards its demise. Visionaries as well as charlatans mention time and method … (but) scientific data, if they hold up, do not indicate anything catastrophic in the near future — which may sound comforting.”

But in some sense, it might seem like humanity could be living on the precipice of its own Groundhog Day, teetering on the edge of two or more different destinies. 

Dr. Noomen, who died in 2019, left copious writings, most of which he believed were spoken to him by what he called a Presence, a higher being or the Real Reality. All those writings remain available, free for all, on his website.

“The strange and paradoxical role the negative state plays in this will be over one day,” Dr. Noomen wrote. “We can choose today to step into the positive state … Those from the negative state who identified with its style will be exposed to the full range of reality, especially with what they denied or resisted. Theoretically, they can continue rejecting life’s facts. They may be so frozen into the lies that they refuse to change. In that case, they can — for the time being — hold on to their illusion of being right.

“The point is that the direction our journey through life takes is our responsibility. Not so much its form and shape — our mission may require specific features — as what we do with them. Every moment we choose the negative, we interfere with the unfolding of true life, and we dull our reflection.

“We can approach the future of our planet, of each of us personally, and of the universe as such, with a sense of urgency. After all, knowing where we’re heading would help to squeeze the most out of the present.”   

Dr. Noomen, who was a psychotherapist and senior minister of three Protestant churches, believed that the responsibility for humanity’s future lies within the hands of each and every person on the planet.

Feel free to take a look at the myriad topics on Dr. Noomen’s website at

“So, what kind of future is in store for us and for our world?” Dr. Noomen wrote. “The wonderful message is, there is no such thing as a future. I AM (the Real Reality) is now, was, and will ever be the All of existence. (It is) Healing, Builder of Bridges in all directions … unfolding to more wholeness … (saying) that life expands to the past as much as to the future.”


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