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IOC welcomes adoption of declaration on sports integrity by Council of Europe

International Olympic Committee

29 Sep 2023 – The International Olympic Committee (IOC) welcomes the declaration on sports integrity adopted on 27 September by the Council of Europe’s Committee of Ministers.

The declaration recognises the work of the International Partnership Against Corruption in Sport (IPACS), and calls upon it to pursue its transversal and multi-stakeholder approach and enhance the implementation of the highest applicable standards aimed at combating corruption and promoting a culture of good governance in sport.

This declaration addresses the constantly evolving threats to sports integrity which undermine the potential of sport and its role as a social, educational, cultural and economic instrument.

It invites member states and sports organisations to “promote transparency, accountability, democracy and ethical behaviour in sport, including the establishment of robust governance systems, conflict-of-interest policies, whistle-blower protection mechanisms, effective investigation and prosecution of corruption, manipulation of competitions, violence and other infringements of human rights and the rule of law in the sport context.”

“The IOC and the Council of Europe have been working jointly for many years. We are therefore very pleased to see that this declaration recognises the many aspects of sports integrity that the IOC is promoting,” said IOC Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer Pâquerette Girard Zappelli. “Since its creation in 2017, IPACS has offered a unique and open platform for sports organisations and governments to develop pragmatic solutions to advance the fight against corruption in sport, while harnessing the expertise and experience of all actors.”

International Partnership Against Corruption in Sport

IPACS was launched at the IOC’s International Forum on Sports Integrity (IFSI) held in February 2017. It is a multi-stakeholder platform with the mission “to bring together international sports organisations, governments, inter-governmental organisations and other relevant stakeholders to strengthen and support efforts to eliminate corruption and promote a culture of good governance in and around sport”.

Interest in the Partnership has grown significantly since its creation, with its role and programmes discussed at numerous international events. For the first time, the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) directly referred to IPACS in UNGA Resolution “Sport as an enabler of sustainable development” (A/77/L.28), adopted in December 2022.


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