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IOC President Thomas Bach welcomed the Guatemalan Head of State, Bernardo Arévalo, to Olympic House


21 February 2024 – During the visit to Olympic House, the President of Guatemala signed the “Golden Book”, and IOC President Thomas Bach presented him with the Coubertin medal for heads of state and government, which was designed by the founder of the modern Olympic Movement, Pierre de Coubertin. He thanked President Arévalo for his great leadership and expressed great appreciation for his commitment to the Guatemalan athletes and to sport and the values of sport in society.

Later, the two leaders had a meeting during which they discussed the situation of the National Olympic Committee (NOC) of Guatemala, which is currently suspended by the IOC. The meeting was extremely positive.

President Arévalo expressed his concerns about the current suspension of the Guatemalan NOC and his wish to have the situation resolved as early as possible so that the Guatemalan athletes are able to represent their country and participate in the Olympic Games Paris 2024 under their national flag.

The IOC President confirmed that the IOC was absolutely ready to work for the reinstatement of the suspended NOC as early as possible, which would pave the way for the athletes to participate in the Olympic Games Paris 2024 under their flag and usual protocol. For its part, the IOC would also provide all the necessary financial support for the preparation of the team for the Olympic Games Paris 2024. However, this requires an NOC in Guatemala that is elected and operating in full compliance with the Olympic Charter.

President Arévalo expressed the importance of finding a solution that enables Guatemalan athletes’ full participation in the Olympic Games Paris 2024.

During the visit, President Bach was accompanied by IOC Vice-President Ser Miang Ng and Honorary Member in Guatemala, Willi Kaltschmitt Luján. President Arévalo was joined by the Guatemalan Minister for Foreign Affairs, Carlos Ramiro Martínez Alvarado.


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