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INTA’s UNREAL Campaign

HSM IP presents INTA’s UNREAL Campaign to CIFEC students

On 22 November 2017, Kenyah Pinnock and Lisa Chin-Forde of HSM IP Ltd. presented INTA’s Unreal Campaign to a class of twenty Creative Media and Business students aged 15 and 16 at the Cayman Islands Further Education Centre (“CIFEC”). CIFEC is a school dedicated to offering students continuing opportunities after Year 12 and is committed to inspiring all learners to develop the knowledge, skills and understanding to equip them for success in the wider world.

Kenyah Pinnock started the presentation by explaining the concepts of trade marks and counterfeiting to the students and provided some background on the Unreal Campaign and its purpose. Kenyah commented: “We gave the students examples of the different types of trade marks, including words, designs, trade get ups and non-traditional marks and impressed upon the students the importance of trade marks to both consumers and companies. I think that they found it most interesting to hear how even the shape of buildings could be registered as trade marks under certain circumstances”.

Lisa Chin-Forde delivered the second part of the presentation which focused on counterfeiting and engaged the students in a lively game of “Real vs. Fake”. The students actively took part in discussions about the concept of counterfeiting and the importance of observing and enforcing trade mark and anti-counterfeiting legislation. Lisa commented, “We stressed to the students the necessity of making smart purchasing choices as consumers and the benefits of ensuring that they are purchasing real branded goods rather than counterfeit goods. It was a very rewarding experience”.

Owing to its heritage and geographical position, the Cayman Islands enjoys access to a vast number brands from around the world, including those from the Caribbean, the UK and the USA. At HSM we believe in the importance of IP education and it was both fun and rewarding to spend a morning raising awareness of the negative impact of counterfeiting on communities large and small. We look forward to delivering our next Unreal presentation and spreading the message even further.

Managing Partner Huw Moses noted: “The Unreal Campaign is the International Trademark Association’s public awareness initiative designed to educate teenagers about the importance of trade marks, intellectual property, and the danger of counterfeit products. We appreciate the opportunity to educate, empower and encourage young adults in the local community about the importance of trade marks and anti-counterfeiting in order to equip them to make smarter purchasing decisions.”

Photo Captions –
Photo 1: Ms. Lisa Chin-Forde Presenting to CIFEC students
Photo 2 – Ms. Kenyah Pinnock Presenting to CIFEC students


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