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Cayman Islands: Motivational programs and presentations

Inspired Lifestyles with Donna

What is the most satisfying afternoon snack for boosting energy and helping you sustain until dinner?

According to 87-year old Ann Anderson, THIS is the best snack for an at-work afternoon pick-me-up. What is it? The answer is found at the end of this newsflash!

Please Click Link below for a Menu of Corporate Presentations and Training Sessions. Please forward to your HR Manager. Presentations are also appropriate for youth groups, associations, schools and churches.


As a Certified Canfield Trainer, and experienced Motivational Speaker, I am delighted to offer you and your company a variety of themes and topics designed to empower employees, facilitate a sense of purpose and unity, and bring success on an individual and corporate level. You will also see additional presentations that relate to young adults (on building self-confidence) and “Handling the Mack Trucks of Life” (on building resilience and coping skills). Thank you!

Donna Mitchell

Click web link below for More on Donna


As summer heat soars, increasing water is important. Add natural elements such as lemon/lime, ginger, fresh mint and local cucumbers for a refreshing, detoxing drink. How much water is recommended? A minimum of eight 8oz. glasses daily; maybe more.

The most satisfying afternoon snack…an orange! Why? Full of fiber and natural sugar. Takes time to eat. Lifestyle Tip: slice at home and carry to work ready for easy snacking.
Please note that I am unavailable from August 12 – September 20th. Programs in yoga, water conditioning, and weight management will restart later in September. Have a great summer!


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