April 15, 2021

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iNews-briefs217Cayman gets it’s first ever medal at Youth Olympic Games

Cayman Islands Polly Serpel (16) claimed a bronze medal in the International Team Jumping event at the 2014 Youth Olympic Games on Wednesday (20).

Serpel was part of an all-girls squad, named Team North America, that featured Ecuador’s Macarena Chiriboga Granja, Guatemala’s Stefanie Brand, El Salvador’s Sabrina Rivera Meza and Maria Gabriela Brugal of the Dominican Republic.

Serpel had to ride a borrowed horse in Nanjing, an 8-year-old Belgium warm-blood horse named Georgio Zan, as part of the competition rules.

Europe won gold and South America won silver.


Miley Cyrus concert banned in the Dominican Republic

From New York Post

SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic — The Dominican Republic government commission that oversees public performances is banning a Sept. 13 concert by Miley Cyrus on morality grounds.

The commission said in a statement Thursday that it took the action because Cyrus often “undertakes acts that go against morals and customs, which are punishable by Dominican law.”

Tickets ranging from $27 to $370 for the concert in the capital have been on sale since July.

Some critics have declared Cyrus’ onstage antics, including twerking and crotch-grabbing, to be vulgar.

A representative for Cyrus did not immediately respond to a request for comment. Concert organizers in the Dominican Republic did not comment on the ban.

The commission in the past has banned from the airwaves songs it considers vulgar, including some by Calle 13 of Puerto Rico.

For more: http://nypost.com/2014/08/21/miley-cyrus-concert-banned-in-the-dominican-republic/


4 Cubans did stay behind when the rest left Cayman Islands waters

Conflicting reports are abound whether the boat carrying 40 Cuban migrants left Grand Cayman’s George Town Harbour on Friday (22) with everyone on board.

CNS is reporting Immigration officials told them three men and one women stayed in Cayman and are now awaiting repatriation back to Cuba.

The boat first arrived last Tuesday (19) in Cayman Brac.


New Board suspends Trinidad Cement Limited CEO

From Caribbean360

PORT-OF-SPAIN, Trinidad, CMC – The chief executive officer of the Trinidad Cement Limited (TCL), Dr. Rollin Bertrand, has been suspended less than 24 hours after the new board of directors was appointed.

“They suspended him because there were some concerns that the shareholders and directors had,” said one of the newly appointed directors, businessman, Wilfred Espinet.

“We needed to make sure the proper process has been followed in giving Dr Bertrand a chance to first of all analyse whether or not there was any issue that we saw that was not in keeping with normal practices,” Espinet told reporters.

Bertrand was among six directors, including the chairman Andy Bhajan, who resigned from the Trinidad cement manufacturer, minutes before the special meeting was called to elect new board members. Bertrand however held on to his post as chief executive officer.

Espinet said that Bertrand’s suspension should last no more than 30 days while a review of his performance is done.

For more: http://www.caribbean360.com/business/new-board-suspends-trinidad-cement-limited-ceo?utm_source=Caribbean360%20Newsletters&utm_campaign=6eff37dac6-Vol_7_Issue_030_Business8_21_2014&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_350247989a-6eff37dac6-39393477


Cayman college student studying law receives suspended sentence for assault

Neith Rheingold (20) received a nine month prison sentence suspended for 12 months after being charged with assault when he beat another man unconscious over a woman.

Police charged Rheingold, who is studying law in the United Kingdom, in June 2012 after he admitted repeatedly punching a friend about the head. His former friend was knocked unconscious and sustained a broken nose and other head and face injuries. Rheingold was very angry with his friend who he said had betrayed him with his ex-girlfriend.

Rheingold was immediately sorry at his actions and genuinely remorseful. He admitted his guilt and had written a letter to his friend and family expressing his regret and apologizing for his actions.

In view of all the above, the fact the victim had suffered no lasting damage, no weapon was used, the attack was isolated and unplanned and Rheingold had no previous convictions, Justice Charles Quin gave him a suspended sentence.

Rheingold can now continue abroad with his studies although he is $5,000 poorer as was ordered to pay his ex-friend’s medical expenses.


Jamaica diaspora remitted US$16 billion over past decade

From Caribbean360

BALTIMORE, United States, CMC – Jamaicans living abroad have remitted US$16 billion to the local economy over the past decade, according to the island’s Minister of State in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade, Arnaldo Brown.

Brown told the launch of the North East United States leg of the “Mapping Jamaica’s Diaspora Project” that this level of inflow from the Diaspora continues to demonstrate its commitment to the country.

But in addition to remittances, Brown said other aspects of the Diaspora are critical to the development of the Caribbean island.

“The Diaspora, which has already been playing an integral role in nation building, particularly in the health and education sectors, is now being invited to strengthen its cooperation with their land of origin in the areas identified in the national grow and investment agenda,” he told the launch.

Brown said that, last year, over 300 health missions visited Jamaica from the Diaspora, and that schools also continue to receive “tremendous support” from organizations, institutions and alumni.

For more: http://www.caribbean360.com/business/jamaica-diaspora-remitted-us16-billion-over-past-decade?utm_source=Caribbean360%20Newsletters&utm_campaign=6eff37dac6-Vol_7_Issue_030_Business8_21_2014&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_350247989a-6eff37dac6-39393477


85% Cayman Brac students achieve 5+ passes

85% of graduation students from the Layman E. Scott High School on Cayman Brac this summer achieved five or more Level 2 passes, and all these students achieved 5+ passes that included mathematics and English. 73% already have five or more Level 2 passes, 68% have 5+ Level 2 passes including mathematics and English, 50% have seven or more and 43% have nine or more Level 2 passes. These results are the best of any school in the Cayman Islands.

Passes at CXC and CSEC grades I – III or GCSE/IGCSE grades A* through C are Level 2 or Standard High School Level. Five Level 2 qualifications are recognised internationally as equivalent to a US high school diploma and mark successful completion of secondary education.

Primary schools were also up from last year. For Year 6 students – reading were up 21%, writing up 13%, and mathematics up 8%.


Bolt wins first individual race of 2014

Jamaican world sprint ace Usain Bolt won his first individual race of the year when on 17th August he won the 100-metres dash at the Mano a Mano meet on a specially made track on the beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

His time was 10.06 seconds. Britain’s Mark Lewis Francis was second and Brazil’s Jefferson Lucindo and Wallace Spearmon were placed third and fourth.

Bolt’s next scheduled race is on 23rd August, in Poland.


English language testing options continue in Cayman Islands

GRAND CAYMAN, Cayman Islands – Prospective employees whose first language is not English will continue to have the option of taking an English language test in their native country or here in the Cayman Islands.

The Department of Immigration (DOI), during a review of a requirement for overseas English Language Testing, will for the next few months allow both options for the benefit of both businesses and potential employees.

DOI introduced the requirement for overseas English Language Testing on 1 July to make the testing more convenient for potential employees. Two companies administer the test throughout the world – the International English Language Test and Test of English for International Communication.

Prospective employees may still attend a relevant centre in their respective country or travel to the Cayman Islands for testing.

For more information see the DOI website at www.immigration.gov.ky


US Coast Guard rescues 400 Haitian migrants in Caribbean Sea

From The Daily Observer

The United States Coast Guard is appealing to Haitians not to undertake the dangerous trip by sea to enter th United States illegally after announcing that it had rescued more than 400 Haitians in three separate interdictions in the Caribbean Sea over an 11 day period.

The Coast Guard said together with the Royal Bahamian Defence Force (RBDF), they intercepted 124 Haitian migrants on a vessel that was “grossly overloaded”.

The Coast Guard said the RBDF interdicted about 180 Haitian migrants on Thursday aboard another “dangerously overloaded” sail freighter illegally migrating northwest of Great Exuma Island, Bahamas. The Coast Guard said on August 11, it “interdicted and safely disembarked” 101 Haitian migrants aboard an overloaded sail freighter before turning them over to the RBDF.

“The Coast Guard strongly advises against taking to sea in an attempt to illegally enter the United States or Bahamas,” said Commander Timothy Cronin, Coast Guard 7thDistrict deputy chief of enforcement, adding “these attempts unnecessarily put the lives of migrants and Coast Guard crews at great risk.?

Cronin said all three overloaded freighters did not have the recommended navigational safety equipment onboard including life jackets and Electronic Positioning Indicating Radio Beacons.

“I want to express my thanks and appreciation for the assistance received from the United States Coast Guard in providing critical information which culminated in the apprehension of the migrant vessel,” said Commodore Roderick Bowe, commander of the Royal Bahamian Defence Force.

For more: http://antiguaobserver.com/united-states-migration-us-coast-guard-rescues-400-haitian-migrants-in-caribbean-sea/


Cayman Islands charity and others donates leg braces to child

2-year-old McTare Rankine suffers from Infantile Blounts disease, a medical condition that affects bone growth and leads to bowed legs.

The toddler will need leg braces for three years but they braces cost $4,000.

Cayman charity Random Acts of Kindness (ARK) hosted a sand castle competition in June and managed to raise $1,000 for the cause.

The Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman hosted a bake sale to raise $500, and the remaining $2,500 was donated by local businesses, including Maples, Trident Trust and private and corporate sponsors.

McTare’s family, which has two children with medical needs, thanked everyone who donated.


[Former St Vincent high court registrar] Tamara Gibson-Marks charged with theft

From St Lucia News online

Saint Lucian attorney-at-Law Tamara Gibson-Marks was slapped with three charges today at the Kingstown Magistrate Court in St. Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG).

The former SVG High Court registrar was charged with the theft of EC$21,925 between April 30 and May 21, 2014.

According to reports, the former registrar was charged with presenting a certificate which was to her own knowledge false, in a material particular to with an order claim 96/1980 on May 17, 2014.

She was also charged with direct abuse of authority in office as Registrar of the High Court of SVG and arbitrarily closing account number 800300 at St. Vincent Co-operative Bank.

Gibson-Marks pleaded not guilty to all charges. She was granted bail in the sum of EC$30,000. She is expected to make another court appearance at Kingstown Magistrate Court on October 7.

The Saint Lucian-born attorney was asked to resign her post as registrar in SVG over a month ago, by the island’s Attorney General Judith Jones-Morgan in relation to suspected financial irregularities.

Gibson-Marks, is married to former SVG Unity Labour Party senator, lawyer Ronald “Ronnie” Marks.

Gibson-Marks could be barred from practicing law in SVG.

For more on this story go to: http://www.stlucianewsonline.com/breaking-news-tamara-gibson-marks-slapped-with-three-charges/#sthash.Ly5yZ2HM.dpuf


Eruption begins beneath Iceland’s largest glacier

From Newsmax

Iceland raised its aviation alert to red Saturday as a subglacial eruption began at the restless Bardarbunga volcano, which has been rattled by thousands of earthquakes in the past week, the country’s Meteorological Office said.

Seismic data indicated that lava from the volcano was melting ice beneath the Vatnajokull glacier, Iceland’s largest, Met Office vulcanologist Melissa Pfeffer said.

She said it was not clear when, or if, the eruption would melt through the ice — which is between 100 to 400 meters (330 to 1,300 feet) thick — and send steam and ash into the air.

The eruption led Iceland to raise its aviation alert level to red, indicating an eruption that could cause “significant emission of ash into the atmosphere.” Red is the highest alert warning on a five-point scale.

Aviation authorities declared a no-fly zone around the volcano but did not shut Icelandic airspace.

Pfeffer said scientists were flying over the glacier Saturday to look for changes on its surface. Scientists were also monitoring a hydrological station downstream from the volcano for flooding — a common result of volcanic eruptions in Iceland.

For more: http://www.newsmax.com/Newsfront/iceland-volcano-eruption-glacier/2014/08/23/id/590472/#ixzz3BGAALH8p

Date Set for Caribbean Digital Media Marketing Conference – 14th Nov 2014

iNews Briefs ConferenceA Digital Media Marketing Conference will be held at the Hyatt Hotel in Trinidad on November 14th 2014. “This will be a Digital Media & Marketing Conference like no other,” stated Christine Ferriera, CEO and co-founder of The Island Life Media Group

A Digital Media Marketing Conference will be held at the Hyatt Hotel in Trinidad on November 14th 2014. “This will be a Digital Media & Marketing Conference like no other,” stated Christine Ferreira, Editor in Chief and co-founder of The Island Life Media Group – organizers of the event.

Digital Media experts and digital content providers from around the world will gather and speak at the conference. The CDMC conference is focused on “getting the digital strategy right” and tracking Return on investment from all digital media marketing efforts with new, innovative software and marketing strategies that will be on display at the event.

The speakers will highlight the factors that drive brand awareness and increased revenue through a focused digital strategy, reputation management and the marketing of that reputation through multiple media streams.

Island Life Media Group is ideally placed to source the right speakers after making the transition from print and television into the new Digital Age. The importance of how the brand is perceived across all digital devices is critical in this new era of marketing. The speakers will reveal how this can be done and tied into other strategies such as social media, video, mobile and reputation management.

“All businesses across the globe are sitting on a digital cliff not knowing what to do,” stated Rolf Ferreira, co-founder of Island Life Media Group. “The Island Life Media Group have been there,” he continued. “This conference will show small, medium and large business not only what to do but how to do it the right way”.

The regional tourism sector along with small, medium and large enterprises will be well represented at the conference of 200 plus attendees. However, the conference is open to all businesses from any country, not just from the Caribbean region.

A website has already been created for the conference http://cdmcon.com. There is also an App being developed that will showcase some of the conference speakers, their unique technologies and marketing strategies.

Contact Info:

Name: Kevin Hall Email: [email protected]m

Organization: Island Life Media Group Website: http://cdmcon.com

Phone: 3023192114 Address: Bridgetown, St Michael. Barbados


Made in Cayman movie to premiere in Camana Bay in September

“The Devil You Know”, a 30-minute thriller, directed by Trevor Murphy and Badir Awe, will receive its premiere on Sept. 13th at Regal Cinemas in Camana Bay.

The movie was filmed in the Cayman Islands and follows the story of a hitman on Cayman shores.

Even the post-production work was executed in Cayman by 10 Caymanian staff. Local artists were used to paly the parts.

After its showing in Cayman the movie is set to hit major international film festivals like Sundance and Toronto film festival.

Tickets are on sale at the Discovery Centre in Camana Bay for $25, which includes access to a behind the scenes video. There will also be an after-party.


Latin America, Caribbean take 18 medals at Youth Olympics

From Radio Cadena Agramonte

Nanjing, China, Aug 21.- Latin American and Caribbean countries participating in the Second Youth Olympics have won 18 medals in five days of competition, led by Brazil with two gold, one silver and one bronze.

Brazil’s gold medals were for Layana Colman in judo (52 kilograms) and Quirino Marques in taekwondo (63 kg), with a bronze in table tennis for Hugo Caldeiro, the first one captured by Latin America in a sport traditionally controlled by Asians.

Mexico has two silver, Jose Nava, (taekwondo, 63 kg) and Ana Lilia Duran (weightlifting, 63 kg) and one bronze, Mitzi Carrillo, (taekwondo, 49 kg), while Argentina won silver in Rugby and Sasha Nievas took bronze in female weightlifting. Venezuela took a silver with swimmer Claveiro Carlos in the 200m breaststroke, who previously won a bronze medal in the same category in the 100 meters. This country also won a bronze medal in taekwondo with young Elvismar Carillo.

The list includes Colombia, with bronze medals for Andres Caicedo, 60 kg in weightlifting, and Delibie Yopasa, 63 kg in taekwondo.

Cuba won a bronze with Ivan Felipe Silva in the 81 kg judo category.

The South Americans also won the silver medal in equestrian show.

In shooting competitions, the Guatemalan Wilmar Madrid won bronze today along with Agata Rasmore of Latvia, in the mixed 10 meter air pistol event.

Salvadoran Marcelo Alberto Acosta, 18, was crowned Youth Olympic silver medalist yesterday in the 400 meter freestyle, swimming for the first medal in the Olympic history of this Central American country.

Acosta, who was the champion of his delegation, achieved a time of 3:51.32 minutes, surpassing the Norwegian Henrik Christiansen, in a competition ultimately won by the Ukrainian Mykhailo Romanchuk.(Prensa Latina).

For more: http://www.cadenagramonte.cu/english/index.php/show/articles/19301:latin-america-caribbean-take-18-medals-at-youth-olympics


Health City Cayman promises 100 free surgeries

Dr. Chandy Abraham, the Head of Clinical Services at Health City Cayman (HCCI), said last Friday (22) on CITN/Cayman27 there promise of 100 free surgeries will be lived up to.

The hospital has been scouring the entire Caribbean for those most in need and so far their search has landed them in Haiti.

Each year more than 5,000 children are diagnosed with pediatric heart disease. Between 500 to 700 of that 5,000 die each year for a lack of treatment.

So far 21 children have been identified for the new surgeries, but there are some logistical issues that stand between them and getting treatment in Cayman – none of the children had the relevant documents to allow them to travel.

Despite those obstacles the team at HCCI are not giving up and they say they are working closely with Haitian Authority to arrange the necessary documents.

For more on this story and to see the video of the interview with Dr Abraham go to: http://www.cayman27.com.ky/2014/08/22/hearts-for-the-kids-of-haiti


Get out of Jail – captivity to sin and Satan

By Sherrell Watts CEO of GOD and Jesus Christ website

Subject: The Queen, Theresa May, Juan Manuel Santos, Alfonso Gomez Mendez, Eduardo Montealgre

The United Nations, Mexico, Kings, Israel, United States, China nor anyone else has authority over the drug industry. GOD and Jesus Christ are the boss of the drug industry.

GOD and Jesus Christ would like Columbia and the Caribbean to start a new relationship in relation to the drug industry.

Drugs are legal worldwide, including the united states.

No drug busts, No extraditions unless related to the P. S. at the bottom of the page.

GOD and Jesus Christ will tell the world when taxes are ok.

Leave the money launderers alone.

Ban Ki Moon GOD and Jesus Christ does not want you to start using the Caribbean Court of Justice, Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court , Judicial Committee of Privy Council to start adjudicating cases. They are a court of last resort for the OAS, British and Caribbean people. GOD would like it to stay that way. The court of last resort meaning they are the true highest court in the land. GOD and Jesus Christ would like it to stay that way. A Tier System in the judicial structure of the Caribbean Judicial System and the British Judicial System.

This is your “Get Out Of Jail Free Card. (Captivity To Sin And Satan)

You must follow these instructions from GOD and Jesus to make peace with GOD and Jesus. If you don’t, you will not have peace, and you will not be able to defeat the enemy (the devil), who is attacking you right now in so many ways. You see, the devil (in the ear of most people) is jealous, and is a hater. Please distribute this to the owners, coaches, players, family, friends, other athletes from other teams and anybody else that you come into contact with.

May GOD’S Holy Spirit surround you.

For more: http://www.getoutofjailfree-captivitytosinandsatan.com


Cayman Islands Touch 5k Fun Run

Inews briefs Cay touch assocFrom Cayman Touch Association

The Cayman Touch Association present our first annual 5k Fun Run.

When? Sunday 14th September… a 6:30am kick-off!

Where? Holiday Inn parking lot, running around Safehaven.

Details: Participants can enter as individuals for $20 or as a relay team of 4 for $40.

Rules: Relay teams will each be running 1.25km and swapping shorts not batons…. so wear your best undies!

Registration is easy. Send an email to [email protected]. All necessary forms and waivers will be sent to you for completion.

A prize giving will be held afterwards with awesome raffle prizes up for grabs! Holiday Inn is offering a special breakfast for $13.95 so stick around afterwards.

All proceeds from this race will go towards the Cayman Touch teams participating in the US Nationals competition in October in Orlando.


New York City Jails’ Investigations Chief resigns after reports of brutality at Rikers

By Jessica Roy From New York Mag

Florence L. Finkle, the commissioner responsible for overseeing investigations in New York City’s correctional facilities, resigned Friday, less than a month after a federal report exposed the violent culture teen inmates at Rikers endure.

For more: http://nymag.com/daily/intelligencer/2014/08/new-york-city-jails-investigation-chief-resigns.html?om_rid=AACMTw&om_mid=_BT95oDB870oluE


Jamaica finance minister sees merit in devalued local currency

From Caribbean360

KINGSTON, Jamaica, Thursday August 21, 2014, CMC – Jamaica stands to benefit from several investment opportunities as a result of a devalued dollar, Finance and Planning Minister, Dr. Peter Phillips has said.

Phillips told the monthly meeting of the Rotary Club of New Kingston that there is potential for a “whole range of investment activity”, which was not previously possible because the Jamaican dollar was deemed “uncompetitive”.

Citing animal feed as one potential area, Phillips said “we (have been able to) move from a situation where there was no domestic…production from local root stock…to (a situation) now where there are thousands of acres of sorghum (and) corn, adding that cultivation of these crops “is becoming more competitive.”

The Finance Minister also cited local production of cassava as a substitute for imported malt base products for use in the brewing of beer, pointing out that this “can result in (the creation of) thousands of agricultural and agro-processing jobs.”

For more on this story go to:



Caribbean Premier League to help in St Kitts’s growth: Prime Minister

From Indo-Asian News Service By Indo-Asian News Service

Basseterre (St. Kitts): Aug 23, 2014

St. Kitts Prime Minister Denzil Douglas said his country’s hosting of matches in the Caribbean Premier League (CPL) will result in millions in earnings for the Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis. Warner Park was the venue for the final stage of the CPL, hosting nine matches including the semi-finals and finals, reports CMC.

Prime Minister Douglas pointed to studies done by the University of the West Indies (UWI) highlighting the economic impact of the CPL on countries which hosted matches last year.

“We now know that the impact in Guyana was $4 million, St. Lucia $7.3 million, Antigua and Barbuda $7.4 million, Barbados $9 million, Jamaica $10.7 million and Trinidad and Tobago $12.9 million,” Douglas explained.

“I am certain that an assessment of the economic impact of CPL 2014 in St. Kitts and Nevis will be produced by them in the not too distant future.”

Speaking at the fourth in the series of “Conversations for Progress”, the prime minister indicated that he was eagerly anticipating a new UWI study highlighting the economic impact of the CPL match on St. Kitts and Nevis.

“I am certain that an assessment of the economic impact of CPL 2014 in St. Kitts and Nevis will be produced by them in the not too distant future,” he said.

“The number of people, all around the globe, who were either introduced to St. Kitts and Nevis, or were re-introduced to the Federation, as a result of the six days of international coverage, was therefore also another advantage of tremendous value.”

For more: http://www.cricketcountry.com/news/caribbean-premier-league-to-help-in-st-kittss-growth-prime-minister-176245


Cayman Islands bank teller receives 10week jail for stealing $800

Davion Anthony Wright (27) received a sentence of 10 weeks’ imprisonment on August 14th after pleading guilty last month to two charges of theft from CIBC First Caribbean branch at Plaza Venezia. He was employed there as a teller.

He admitted making two $400 withdrawals from a customer account in November last year, just two months into his employment.

Wright is now a convicted thief who has lost his reputation and may have to leave the island, Magistrate Valdis Foldats said.


UN agency praises Suriname

By Azad Ali From Caribbean Life

The United Nations refugee agency has hailed a decision by Suriname’s National Assembly that enables mothers to pass on nationality to their children.

The UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UN-HCR) said the important amendment to the 1975 Law on Nationality and Residence ensures gender equality in nationality laws, bringing “these laws into compliance with international standards.” UNHCR said the changes, including the right of women’s to confer their nationality to their spouses, “will provide important safeguards to eliminate gender discrimination and prevent statelessness due to loss of nationality.”

The new legislation, which was passed unanimously last month by the National Assembly made changes several matters regarding Surinamese nationality.

The law also made it easier to acquire nationality and more difficult to lose it.

In addition, the new law gives women the same right as men to confer their nationality on their spouses and introduce important safeguards to prevent statelessness due to loss of nationality.

For more: http://www.caribbeanlifenews.com/stories/2014/8/2014-08-08-azad_suriname-cl_2014_8.html


Association of Caribbean States supports development of SMEs in the region

By Shanelle Weir From PanAmericanWorld

Representatives from The Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Guyana, Haiti, Jamaica, Suriname and the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS), made presentations on public policies from their respective countries and the support for this sector at the sub-regional level.

The Secretariat of the Association of Caribbean States (ACS) hosted a two-day Regional Workshop on Public Policies to support Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). The meeting was chaired by Mr. Antonio Leone, Program Coordinator for the Latin American and Caribbean Economic System (SELA). Among those delivering remarks at the opening ceremony included His Excellency Ambassador Alfonso Munera, Secretary General of the ACS, and The Honorable Errol Mc Leod, Minister of Labor and Small and Micro Enterprise Development of Trinidad and Tobago.

Ambassador Munera in his welcoming address expressed that the development of SMEs is one of the priority areas of economic development for ACS Member Countries. He further posited that the ACS “recognizes and appreciates the valuable role that governments in the region have played as part of its drive to establish national powerful strategies, with the aim of providing comprehensive answers to the difficulties facing SMEs.”

For more: http://www.panamericanworld.com/en/article/association-caribbean-states-supports-development-smes-region


The Caribbean’s best airport band

From Caribbean Journal

It’s something we think should be mandatory in every Caribbean airport: the musical welcome.

Music is one of the best ways to discover a place — and when you arrive after a flight, short or long, authentic music immediately reminds you that you’re in the Caribbean.

It used to be more common in the region, but today only some Caribbean airports make the effort to welcome travelers with locally-sourced live songs.

Jamaica’s Sangster International Airport in Montego Bay is one of the airports that honours this old Caribbean tradition, and the result is, not surprisingly, superb.

Head to the baggage claim, and you’ll be serenaded by Jamaica’s cherished classic genre, Mento music, and the exploits of The Sunshine Mento Band, led by Oscar Rose.

In our [Caribbean Journal] humble opinion, the region’s best airport band.

For more and to see video of the band: http://www.caribjournal.com/2014/08/21/the-caribbeans-best-airport-band/


Suriname announces it will not host ACP summit in November

From Caribbean360

PARAMARIBO, Suriname, Thursday August 21, 2014, CMC – Suriname says it will no longer host the summit of African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) countries here in November.

A statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that Cabinet had reconsidered hosting the November 6-7 summit because the Dutch-speaking Caribbean Community (CARICOM) country would still be chair of the Union of South American States (UNASUR).

Suriname was supposed to have relinquished the chairmanship of the bloc of South American countries to Uruguay during a meeting on August 22, but “Uruguay has requested (it be) postponed until October,” the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said.

It said that there were “some internal matters that should be taken care of first” and that the exact date for the handover could not yet be determined given the presidential elections to be held in Brazil, Bolivia and Uruguay.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs said as a result, Suriname will remain UNASUR chair until at least October and that this brings with it “enormous responsibilities”

For more: http://www.caribbean360.com/business/suriname-announces-it-will-not-host-acp-summit-in-november?utm_source=Caribbean360%20Newsletters&utm_campaign=6eff37dac6-Vol_7_Issue_030_Business8_21_2014&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_350247989a-6eff37dac6-39393477


Grand Cayman water company loses judicial review application

Cayman Water, a subsidiary of Consolidated Water, filed for judicial review in 2012 seeking to quash a decision by the Cayman Islands Water Authority to impose a new pricing model as a condition for the renewal of their license to provide piped water to West Bay and parts of Seven Mile Beach.

Cayman Water also argued the dual role of the Water Authority as a regulator with the ability to grant licences and a competing water utility that provides water to the districts of Grand Cayman and Cayman Brac that are not serviced by Cayman Water put the authority “in a position of hopeless conflict.”

Chief Justice Anthony Smellie disagreed and dismissed Cayman Water’s application.

Consolidated Water said the company would recommence license negotiations with the Water Authority.


Tobago eyes landfill-free future

From Caribbean Journal

Tobago says it is looking to become the first Caribbean territory without a landfill site.

The island’s House of Assembly has signed a contract with Canada-based Fourth State Energy to undertake a waste-to-energy pre-feasibility study.

The agreement was signed at the Magdalena Grand Beach Resort on Wednesday.

According to William Benjamin, green fund coordinator at the Office of the Chief Secretary, the study will look at the amount of waste produced on the island, the characteristics of the waste and whether the project is viable for Tobago.

The study will also examine how much electricity could be produced through such a plant.

“If it is accepted by the Executive Council, Tobago will be blazing a trail in waste management in the Caribbean,” he said.

The project is costing the House of Assembly around $100,000, Benjamin said.

“If this goes ahead, Tobago will be the first island in the Caribbean to be landfill-free,” said Stephen Mader, CEO of Fourth State Energy. “You don’t want the scent of a landfill or to see the fumes because that is an environmental hazard; it is also a health hazard. When you can smell garbage from your hotel room, that’s a problem and it’s not good for tourism. We want to transform waste into clean, green and sustainable energy.”

For more: http://www.caribjournal.com/2014/08/21/tobago-eyes-landfill-free-future/


New Deputy Chief of Mission with the US Embassy honoured

From The Barbados Advocate

The new Deputy Chief of Mission with the U.S. Embassy to Barbados, The Eastern Caribbean and the OECS, Aruna Amirthanayagam, was the toast of the evening on Wednesday night during a welcome reception held in his honour.

This function was held at the residence of the U.S Ambassador to Barbados, the Eastern Caribbean and the OECS, Dr. Larry Palmer.

Addressing persons gathered, Dr. Palmer welcomed the new Deputy Chief of Mission. He shared that Amirthanayagam was last posted in Bolivia where he first served as Counsellor for Public Affairs and later as Acting Deputy Chief of Mission and then as Chargé d’Affaires.

Amirthanayagam meanwhile spoke about his lifelong connection and love for islands, cricket, music and carnivals. He also said he was delighted “to be back on an island again especially one in the Caribbean” and he looked forward to his work here.

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