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iNews-briefs217Cayman students who fail face mandatory tutoring at ICCI

International College of the Cayman Islands (ICCI) President, David Marshall, has announced all students on government scholarships who fail to make the grade will be required to take mandatory tutoring.

The mandatory tutoring will take place at weekends.

Students with a Grade Point Average below 3.0 who refuse to take catch-up classes risk termination from the college and/or reported to government’s scholarship secretariat. The college is also mandating a minimum of 85% attendance from all students.

Marshall said, although the college does not have the power to withdraw the government funding for students they are going to be very aggressive in reporting to the ministry.

“Every week we will be sending them a report. Then it is up to the Scholarship Secretariat to decide,” he said.

During the spring quarter (April 7 – June 19) there were 49 government scholarship students enrolled at ICCI. 36 achieved the required GPA of 3.0, while 13 fell short.

Marshall said those statistics represent a marked improvement but are still well below the college’s aim of 90% of students on government scholarships making the mark.


Caribbean Airlines projects TT$100-m loss

From Jamaica Observer

PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad (CMC) – The Trinidad-based Caribbean Airlines (CAL) is projecting a loss of just under TT$100 million (One TT dollar = US 0.16 cents) for its financial year 2013.

Finance Minister, Larry Howai, said that the airline has been enduring a difficult period but may now be emerging from it.

“CAL has had some struggles getting its accounts done, they should be able to bring them up in a couple of months. It hasn’t been very good news but they have narrowed the loss down,” he said.

The Finance Minister said he remains hopeful that CAL’s loss can be brought down to less than TT$100 million, maintaining that the airline industry worldwide was not an easy one.

“Every one of those (international airlines) has gone bankrupt at one time or the other so it is a challenge,” he said.

According to its financial statements for 2012, the airline, which a few years ago merged its operations with the cash-strapped Air Jamaica, registered losses that moved from US$43.6 million in 2011 to US$83.7 million in 2012.


What will happen to HSBC staff in Cayman?

Following the announcement that HSBC Cayman will be selling off its retail and commercial business to Butterfield there has been no word on what is going to happen to it’s employees.

In response to enquiries from the media a spokesperson said discussions were underway with their staff and it would therefore “be inappropriate for us to comment.”

HSBC Cayman has become one of many retail markets the bank is selling off.

See related iNews Cayman story published July 9 2014 under iNews Briefs “HSBC to sell part of Cayman business to Butterfield” at:


Cultural surprises for 35th edition of Caribbean Festival

From acn

SANTIAGO DE CUBA, Cuba, Jul 10 (acn) One of the surprises of the next edition of the Caribbean Festival in this city will be the project La Gallera, of singers Johnny Ventura and Maridalia Hernandez of the Dominican Republic, an initiative that reaffirms the roots of Merengue, its national music.

Jose Antonio Rodriguez, Minister of Culture of that nation, said in a press conference on Wednesday that the Fire Fiesta is a space worthy of Caribbean culture, where all roots of the world also converge.

For this reason, the Dominican delegation will bring this project, since it’s a way to share experiences and spread the rich traditions of my country, he pointed out.

He added that to say Johnny Ventura, Maridalia and Merengue is like saying Matamoros Trio and the Los Compadres Duo in Cuba, founders of the most indigenous of national music, highlighted Rodriguez.

La Gallera is based on the interpretations of 24 musicians, four of them singing face to face like in a cockfight, which will undoubtedly be a great attraction in the 35th edition of the Caribbean Festival, in the summer of 2015.

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Too much waste for Cayman recycling company to handle

With government recycling only cans, a small Cayman Islands company called Junk, began a pilot private waste removal project in partnership with supermarkets and local service clubs to create drop-off points for plastics, cardboard, paper, glass and aluminium.
The demand has been so great the company that has to bear most of the cost cannot keep up with the amount of waste.

Although meant to be only a once a week pick-up, Junk has had to increase these free community collections to three or four times a week and still can’t keep up.

Junk is therefore seeking more partners from local service clubs and other organisations to try and cover the costs of the private sector effort to recycle in the absence of any meaningful programme by the Department of Environmental Health.

A spokesperson for Junk is hoping to get residents to use recycling bags with $3 junk stickers per bag so that the firm only collects properly bagged and sorted recyclables.

The firm has recently launched the Pink Periwinkle Bin project, where earmarked fees will go to the Cayman Islands Cancer Society or the Breast Cancer Foundation and Junk delivers anything usable to charities across the island. It is also in talks to launch in Cayman Brac shortly and has begun an audit in Little Cayman with the intent of making it a green island with a coordinating partner there.

Having created the Cayman Islands National Waste and Recycling Association to further promote and educate and handle the sponsorships of the bins, the junk management team said they want to transfer this to the service clubs or interested community members to take over. Lobbying for recycling legislation and standards whilst promoting a cleaner Cayman, Junk is hoping other people will become members to further the goals of the association.

Anyone interested in sorting their own waste and recycling can drop it off at the Junk bins at most of the supermarkets, including Chisholm’s in North Side and Camana Bay. Recyclers can also drop sorted items to the firm’s offices at #15A Kingbird Drive, North Sound Road.


Royal Caribbean creates wearable tech for training agents

From Travolution

Royal Caribbean International has created new wearable technology to train agents on the offerings on board it’s newest ships.

The line has partnered with tech expert Jason Bradbury to create a new video for agents which is built into a pair of glasses and shows them the facilities on board Quantum (launching in November, pictured) and Anthem of the Seas (launching next year).

From July 10 Royal’s sales team will be visiting agents with the glasses to highlight the new technology.

According to the line it is an industry first in the way agents are trained.

Ben Bouldin, director of sales, said: “Having fun with our trade partners is always one of the highlights of any Royal Caribbean International campaign.

“We cannot wait to get out on the road and showcase Quantum of the Seas’ industry leading technology and entertainment offering via the innovative Video Glasses with the help of tech guru Jason Bradbury.

“Agents will be able to see these incredible experiences come to life, ensuring that they are in the best possible position to sell all the extras and benefits that come from a sailing in the worlds most anticipated and advanced ship.”

The line recently announced that the ships’ Two70 venue will have screens of 100ft wide behind performers and roboscreens moving as they perform.

For video and more:


Cayman’s Marine Conservation Law being implemented soon

From Radio Cayman

Signed, sealed and nearly delivered.

Cayman’s National Conservation Law will soon take effect.

Minister for Environment – The Honorable Wayne Panton says government has been waiting on a pair of amending bills that were required before the law took effect; One was under the animals law, the other under the plants law.

The Minister says within the next two weeks government should have parts one and two of the law in place.

Once that’s done, Mr. Panton says government will be able to bring the entire law into effect – likely by the fall.

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U.S. government provides advanced training to drug enforcement unit

From Bahama Islands Info

The U.S. Embassy’s International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL) Section, the U.S. Coast Guard, and the Drug Enforcement Administration teamed up to provide the Royal Bahamas Police Force (RBPF) with specialized training designed to enhance their participation in Operation Bahamas and Turks and Caicos (OPBAT) June 23-27 in Nassau. OPBAT is a 35-year old, multi-agency, international drug interdiction effort focused on stopping the flow of illegal drugs from South America and the Caribbean to The Bahamas, the Turks and Caicos Islands and the United States.

Five officers from the Royal Turks and Caicos Police Force joined thirty of their RBPF counterparts last week for the advanced training. The officers practiced helicopter emergency egress procedures, familiarized themselves with lifesaving equipment, and discussed survival skills in the event of abandoning an aircraft. In one exercise, officers were required to access an emergency air supply device and unbuckle themselves from a helicopter seat while they were in full gear, upside down, and underwater—then, they swam to safety. “You hope you never need these skills,” one RBPF officer remarked, “but having them could save your life.” Funding for the training was made possible through the Caribbean Basin Security Initiative (CBSI) to combat the drug trade and other transnational crimes that threaten regional security.

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Joe Zahn leaves scandal-plagued, Cayman-based CMZ Group

From OffshoreAlert

United States national Andrew Joseph Zahn has left as Group Director and shareholder of the scandal-plagued CMZ Group, which is headquartered in the Cayman Islands and operates pawn shops and other businesses in the Caribbean.

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Humanoid robot uses walking sticks to climb over rubble

By John Biggs From Tech Crunch

Oussama Khatib and Shu-Yun Chung have brought us the SupraPed. Khatib and Chung, researchers at Stanford, are working on a system to allow bipedal robots extra stability by giving them a pair of walking sticks. Unlike us weak humans, however, the robots will bend and twist in all sorts of ways to get across chasms or over large obstacles.

To deploy humanoid robots in cluttered and unstructured environments such as disaster sites, it is necessary to develop advanced techniques in both locomotion and control. We proposed to incorporate a pair of actuated smart staffs with vision and force sensing that transforms biped humanoids into tripeds or quadrupeds or more generally, SupraPeds. The concept of SuprePeds not only improves the stability of humanoid robots while traversing rough terrain but also retains the manipulation capabilities.

Why do you need a humanoid robot? Presumably because other types – wheeled, tank-treaded, or airborne – would be too difficult to deploy. It would also allow the robot to use both its specialized hands in a tricky, messy zone (after it had put away its walking staves, that is). Plus it’s also cool to see a robot with walking sticks.

You can read more about the robots in Khatib and Chung’s paper at: They presented the paper at the IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation in Hong Kong.

For more and video:


Cayman judge delays sentencing man guilty of domestic violence

Cayman Grand Court Judge, Alex Henderson, has delayed for 6 months sentencing Adrian Bodden who is a recovering alcoholic.

Bodden pleaded guilty to wounding after hitting his former girlfriend with a machete during a drunken fight and has a history of domestic abuse because of alcohol and drug misuse.

However, since then, Bodden has made a determined effort to turn his life around and has been clean for three months.

His attorney successfully pleaded that if Bodden was sent to jail, and there being no real rehabilitation facilities there his recovery would be in jeopardy. Bodden had a job, his church was helping him, he was attending anger management and his probation officer had asked the court to give him another chance.

The judge granted the request but said it was only a stay of sentencing and he would allow Bodden a chance to prove himself for a further 6 months. During this time Bodden is under a full time home curfew, allowing him only to leave for work, church and visiting his probation officer, and he would be remanded in custody if he breached the conditions. He also ordered Bodden could not be in possession of any kind of weapon, including knives except to eat with, no alcohol and he should be regularly tested by the probation service for both drugs and liquor.


The incredibly sad story of how one couple let their child die because they were addicted to the Internet

By Maya Kosoff From Business Insider

Internet addiction, considered by some to be a first-world problem, is a nightmarish — and fatal — issue for some South Koreans.

In the early ’90s, the South Korean government implemented policies to aggressively increase the number of internet connections in the country, investing heavily in broadband infrastructure.

The new HBO documentary “Love Child” narrates the story of a South Korean couple’s internet addiction. “Love Child” raises questions about the implications of South Koreans’ dependency on the internet, including the story of one couple who let their baby die because they were too busy playing online games.

“Love Child” will air on HBO July 28 at 9 p.m. EST and will be available On Demand starting on July 29. We got an early preview of the film and learned a lot about the toll internet addiction can take on someone.

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Filipino fails Cayman English test now suing immigration department for refusal to take test again

A Filipino national, Manolo de la Pena Vallo, who failed an English test taken at the Owen Roberts International Airport on the night he landed in Cayman in September 2012 is suing Cayman Islands Department of Immigration because of their refusal to allow him to retake the test.

When he scored only 65% on the test that requires a pass mark of 75%, he was allowed temporary entry. He had previously worked in Cayman in 2005 and 2006.

Supporting his case was former immigration officer Dennis Brady.

The immigration departments case was argued by the Attorney General’s Chambers who said Vallo was given the chance of taking the test again the next day but had refused.

Acting Grand Court Judge Nova Hall said she would deliver her verdict before the end of the month.



The FTC is taking Amazon to court over its in-app purchase policies

By Sean Buckley From engadget

Earlier this summer, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) warned Amazon that if it didn’t adopt a more Apple-like policy about in-app purchases, it might wind up in court. Now, it has. Today the FTC announced that it’s seeking a court order requiring the online retailer to issue refunds to parents whose children ran wild with in-app purchases — unauthorized charges, the FTC says, that racks up into the millions. Much of the alleged blame is focused on Amazon’s past. According to the FTC, Amazon had almost no protection against unwanted in-app purchases in 2011, and has only implemented adequate consent framework recently. The government’s concern seems to lie squarely on customers left in the lurch: Amazon’s official policy says that all in-app purchases are non-refundable, and the exceptions to that policy are “unclear and confusing.”

In early July, Amazon told the FTC that it was disappointed with the government’s threat to file suit, claiming that it has always been quick to respond to refund requests for unwanted, child-sourced purchases. “Pursuing litigation against a company whose practices were lawful from the outset and that already meet or exceed the requirements of the Apple consent order makes no sense,” Amazon argued, “and is an unfortunate misallocation of the Commission’s resources.”

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Little Cayman garbage truck driver placed on leave after accident

Since the driver of the garbage truck in Little Cayman has been placed under required leave after an accident he had involving the truck and property, a staff member from Cayman Brac is going over to Little Cayman twice per week to collect the garbage there.


Man loses tips of fingers on Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disney World

ORLANDO, Fla. (CBS Tampa) – A man lost the tips of two fingers at Disney World’s Magic Kingdom while riding the Pirates of the Caribbean Thursday morning.

Bo Jones of the Reedy Creek Fire Department explained that it’s not clear how the man lost the tip of his ring and pinky fingers on his right hand while on the ride, WKMG reported.

The man was taken to a local hospital for treatment.

Disney officials checked and confirmed that the ride was safe.

The ride has since been reopened at Magic Kingdom.

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Cayman minister denies any privatization of public schools will lead to 2-tier system

Tara Rivers, Cayman Islands Minister of Education, has denied that any plans for the privatization of the public schools would lead to a 2- tier system with the schools being able to choose which students they want.

Rivers has been silent on how the privatization of the public schools would prevent this nor has she said anything much about the awful advertorial in the local media by her C4C backers condemning the present education system.

See iNews Editorial “Selling off our public schools would be crazy” at:


Jamaica denies knowledge of US imposed arms embargo

From Caribbean360

KINGSTON, Jamaica, CMC –The Portia Simpson Miller-led administration has denied knowledge of whether the United States has imposed an arms embargo on Jamaica and if external pressure resulted in the sudden departure of Police Commissioner, Owen Ellington.

Information Minister, Sandrea Falconer, told a post Cabinet media briefing Wednesday, a week after the Commissioner resigned, that she was unaware of an embargo and the issue was not discussed by Cabinet.

“What we received in Cabinet in terms of a report was that the Commissioner resigned and the reasons he gave for his resignation, we have received no report of any request from the United States for his removal.”

She said matters concerning the Commissioner’s retirement would not reach Cabinet’s agenda.

“Those would rightly go to the minister of national security because the Cabinet does not appoint the police commissioner. He is appointed by the Police Services Commission , if there are concerns they would go to the minister of national security. As far as I know he has not received any formal complaint about the Commissioner.”

Ellington went on pre-retirement leave last week stating that the investigation into the death squad activities and the Commission of Enquiry to be held in the West Kingston operation, led to his decision to leave the force.

It has since been widely speculated that he was forced out by the Government of the United States.

For more:


1,060 teams to participate in Schwan’s USA CUP in Blaine

By: Lauren Beukelman From ABC

The Schwan’s USA CUP begins Friday at the National Sports Center in Blaine, Minnesota.

This will mark the 30th anniversary of the tournament, which is the largest youth soccer tournament in the Western Hemisphere.

This year 1,060 teams from 19 countries and 21 states will participate in the tournament, breaking the previous attendance record by 43 teams.

Ghana and India will also participate for the first time, joining international teams from Brazil, Cayman Islands, Colombia, Costa Rica, Denmark, Ecuador, England, Guatemala, Haiti, Iceland, Japan, Mexico, Nigeria, Norway, Puerto Rico, Sweden and Uganda.

The Schwan’s USA CUP will be played through Saturday, July 19, with all games being played at the National Sports Center.

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St Kitts seeking European Union funding assistance

From Caribbean360

BASSETERRE, St. Kitts, Thursday July 10, 2014, CMC – The St. Kitts-Nevis government says it is seeking to secure one million Euros (One Euro =US$1.29 cents) in assistance from the European Union.

“Given government’s commitment to interventions that focus on the reduction and alleviation of poverty and social exclusion, Cabinet approved the revision of the Social Development Assistance Act (1999) that will provide the framework for a most modern social assistance programme that focuses on the specific needs of the poor and the disabled,” according to a statement issued here following the weekly Cabinet meeting.

It said that Cabinet’s approval of the revised social protection bill (2014) will trigger the release of one million Euros under the accompanying measures for Sugar Protocol (AMSP) countries instrument, as part of the European Union’s budgetary support to the Federation.

In 2012, a National Social Protection Strategy and Plan of Action was developed by the government to guide the establishment of a sustainable, comprehensive and integrated social protection system to safeguard our citizens against risks, shocks and vulnerabilities that can negatively impact their standard of living.

“It has been noted additionally that the present legislation on social assistance is inadequate in stipulating adherence to international human rights treaties that have been ratified by the Federation over the years,” the statement said, noting that the government “is of the view that all laws of the Federation should be compliant with international human rights treaties”.

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Adams Family gives artwork to Cayman gallery

The National Gallery of the Cayman Islands (NGCI) was given a 1998 significant work by Miguel Powery. Paradise Found, Paradise Lost, last month by the family the late local attorney Charles Adams.

The painting draws attention to the Islands’ rapid development and reflects Adams’ own long-term commitment to protecting our environmental and cultural assets.

Also last month artist Maureen Andersen Berry gave one of her pieces, French Harbour with Boats to the gallery in memory of her daughter, Juanita Marianne Berry.

Maureen Berry said the painting would provide a useful teaching tool for students of perspective given that it includes three viewpoints.

NGCI will publish these and other works acquired in 2013/14 in their Annual Report later this summer and on the Collections page of the NGCI website in the near future.

The National Gallery’s Permanent Collection features fifty years of Cayman Islands Art History and over sixty local artists. Selected works can be viewed daily in the Upper Gallery of the NGCI facility and admission is free of charge.

For visiting hours and information or to download related educational materials visit or email [email protected]


St Lucia under ‘water emergency’ as desperate drought situation worsens

From Caribbean360

CASTRIES, St. Lucia, CMC – The St. Lucia Water and Sewage Company (WASCO) Wednesday placed the entire island under a water emergency schedule as drought situation worsened.

Initially, the emergency had been confined to the north of the island, but WASCO managing director Vincent Hippolyte said that there had not been sufficient rainfall to meet the demands of consumers.

“Despite the rains and the greenery, drought conditions exist because the rivers are not moving. They do not have the volume of water that will enable WASCO to extract sufficient water to meet demand. We are in the early stages in the drought situation. It is not as severe as the later stages, but we are still in drought conditions,” he said.

WASCO said that as a result, the island-wide water rationing programme would remain in effect and that communities will experience periodic water outages.

WASCO is urging consumers to conserve water amid suggestions by experts that the drought may continue until the end of August.

“The public is also reminded that the Water Emergencies Act enforces water conservation restrictions that limit lawn sprinkling, vehicle washing, golf course and park irrigation, and other nonessential uses”, it added.

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Blaze near Barbados capital destroys four homes

From Caribbean360

Barbados, Thursday July 10, 2014, CMC – Fire destroyed four buildings and damaged others Wednesday, displacing at least six persons in Richmond, one of the housing areas surrounding Bridgetown.

The blaze erupted around 3pm, quickly engulfing the houses in the densely populated area, and scorching some graves in the nearby Westbury Cemetery.

The homes affected are all believed to be uninsured.

“I think this raises concerns about proximity as well as insurance, and it is high time government gives assistance to people in these areas,” Member of Parliament for the area Michael Carrington said at the scene of the blaze.

Though not officially stating the cause of the flames, Chief Fire Officer, Errol Maynard, warned against burning items in yards and advised residents to ensure that fires from cooking are put out before leaving homes.

For more and video:


Health City Cayman Islands welcomes 16 interns

Health City Cayman Islands (HCCI) has just welcomed its first batch of interns, 16 in all and 2 more will be joining them soon.

The interns followed the HCCI staff around including watching a number of medical procedures taking place at the new hospital.

It is the HCCI’s plan to make up at least one third of the hospital’s workforce in 10 to 15 years with Caymanians.


Two Guyana police officers charged for severely burning boys hands

From Caribbean360

GEORGETOWN, Guyana, CMC – Two police officers will return to court on August 18 in connection with an incident in which the hands of a teenage boy was set afire while in custody.

Constable, Earwin Forrester, who was charged with inflicting serious bodily harm, and Inspector Dexter Thornton, who is accused of attempting to pervert the course of justice, appeared before a magistrate Tuesday, were placed on GUY$125,000 and GUY$100,000 (One Guyana dollar =US$0.004 cents) bail.

The alleged incident occurred in May, when the teen said police on patrol accused him of wandering and took him to the police station where an officer poured methylated spirits on his hands, and with the assistance of others, set it alight.

The inspector is alleged to have sought to settle the matter out of court by facilitating payment of GUY$100,000 to the boy’s relatives.

Photos of the boy’s severely burnt hands were splashed in the leading daily newspapers after the incident, and an internal police investigation followed, resulting in charges against the two.

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Even though Cayman voters want it members of government don’t

As expected, even though it was one of the Progressive’s (PPM) top election campaign promises, and was one of the main reasons they got elected, the PPM Premier said electoral reform will probably not happen before the next national vote.

He said not all members of his team were for it giving the impression that it was his independent colleagues when it has been heavily rumoured he is the biggest opponent of it. As his colleagues were from the C4C group who also heavily campaigned for the one man one vote electoral reform his statement is particularly puzzling.

Even more is his comment on Cayman27 that although the PPM’s views were set out in their manifesto the PPM didn’t win the majority of seats.

“I have a government to keep together for the full term. I cannot allow any one issue to cause such dissension in my administration that I can’t get the really important things n the economic and social sides in particular done,” he said.

Cayman’s public had voted overwhelmingly for the One Man One Vote in a referendum that the previous government did not honour.


SickKids celebrates Caribbean partnership

Toronto is celebrating the 47th annual Scotiabank Caribbean Carnival Toronto – the largest festival of its kind in North America – running from July 10 to Aug. 3.

The event features a number of events for families including the Junior Carnival Mas Band parade for kids and teens on Saturday, July 19, with 1,500 participants and young masqueraders joining to dance through the streets.

SickKids is celebrating its own collaboration with the Caribbean – the SickKids-Caribbean Initiative: Enhancing Capacity for Care in Paediatric Cancers and Blood Disorders.

Building upon strong and ongoing collaborations, the members of SickKids-Caribbean Initiative strive to improve the outcomes and quality of life for children with cancer and blood disorders living in six Caribbean countries: The Bahamas, Barbados, Jamaica, St. Lucia, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, and Trinidad and Tobago.

SickKids-Caribbean Initiative will develop a comprehensive strategy to strengthen the clinical management and treatment of children with cancer and blood disorders and help to build long-term and sustainable capacity for Caribbean partners; from diagnosis to follow-up care.

Watch the video about the SickKids-Caribbean Initiative at:

For more:


UWI, China partner to construct Confucius Institute in Barbados

From Caribbean360

BRIDGETOWN, Barbados, CMC – The University of the West Indies (UWI), Cave Hill Campus, will on Friday hold a “turning-of-the-sod” ceremony for construction of a Confucius Institute.

Confucius Institutes are non-profit public teaching organisations aimed at promoting Chinese language and culture, and facilitating cultural exchanges.

According to the Barbados Government Information Service, the establishment of the institute, “follows a series of discussions, between China, Barbados and the UWI since 2009, and as recent as March 2014, when Minister of Education, Ronald Jones, met with representatives of China University of Political Science and Law, partners in the establishment of the institute here on the island”.

During those discussions Jones said, “We, in Barbados, try to pay a lot of attention to education, for it is one of the leading social indicators for the country”.

This year marks China’s 10th anniversary of establishing 400 Confucius Institutes worldwide.

For more:


Central America and Caribbean Association (CONCACAF) steps up fight against match-fixing

From Mizo News

Miami: The Confederation of North, Central America and Caribbean Association (CONCACAF) says it is stepping up its fight against match-fixing across the region, and is taking a number of steps to protect the integrity of the game.

The confederation, which governs football in North, Central American and the Caribbean, intends to deploy Integrity Officers throughout the region under its control, as part of the recently developed CONCACAF Integrity Action Plan, reports CMC.

These officers will conduct presentations for players, referees, coaches and club managers – the groups usually targeted by match-fixers.

A major thrust of the Integrity Initiative will see all participants involved in upcoming tournaments and friendly matches, signing an “integrity declaration”.

According to CONCACAF, these participants will pledge to “refrain from any conduct that could damage the integrity of a game, and racist or discriminatory behaviour”.

Only last month, CONCACAF dispatched its first Integrity Officer, Joseph Ramirez, to Costa Rica to conduct a three-day workshop dealing with match officiating and the best practices of physical fitness, nutrition, management and integrity.

The session is a joint initiative of football’s world governing body, FIFA, CONCACAF and the Central American Football Union, and it is was open to the heads of refereeing departments from 11 CONCACAF-affiliated member associations.

Ramirez is a former general secretary of the Costa Rican Football Federation.

For more:


Publicists say media reports indicating Powell and Simpson are cleared are not true

From Caribbean360

KINGSTON, Jamaica, CMC – The handlers of Jamaican sprinter Asafa Powell on Wednesday dismissed local media reports that Powell and training partner Sherone Simpson were cleared of doping offences by the Court of Arbitration for Sports (CAS).

Local television station CVM, reported on Tuesday that Powell and Simpson had been cleared of doping offenses.

However Powell’s publicist Tara Playfair-Scott has denied the report.

“Any reports of the athletes’ previous sanction being overturned by CAS are premature and in fact unofficial,” said Playfair in her release.

“Asafa Powell and Sherone Simpson completed their appeal hearings yesterday, July 8th, 2014 in New York before The Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS). The appeal was filed was against the 18th month sanction issued by JADCO earlier this year on April 10, 2014. Both athletes are more than satisfied with the process and patiently await the CAS panel’s decision”.

Under the stay issued by CAS last month both athletes are allowed to compete professionally until the final decision is handed down.

Simpson will compete in both the 100m and the 200m on Saturday at the Gulden Sporen meet in Kortrijk, Belgium.

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Chief Justice McCalla is new Chancellor of the Anglican Church

From Jamaica Observer

KINGSTON, Jamaica —Chief Justice of Jamaica, Zaila McCalla, has been appointed as the new Chancellor of the Diocese of Jamaica and The Cayman Islands (Anglican).

Justice McCalla succeeds Justice Lensley Wolfe, former Chief Justice, who demitted office earlier this year after serving for 18 years.

Her appointment, which was announced by the Bishop of Jamaica and the Cayman Islands, Rev Dr Howard Gregory, became effective on July 1, a release from the Church said Friday afternoon.

Bishop Gregory explained that “under the Canons (laws) of the Church, the Chancellor must be a communicant member of the Anglican Church, with legal training. Mrs Justice McCalla is an ardent and active member of St Margaret’s Church, Liguanea.”

As Chancellor, Justice McCalla will automatically become a member of the Church Committee at St Margaret’s, as well as the Diocesan Council which is the Standing Committee of the Synod – the highest body in the Church. She will also serve on the Diocesan Financial Board and as a member of Synod.

Justice McCalla will also assume the role of advisor to the Lord Bishop, in particular, and the Diocese in general, on matters of Ecclesiastical Canon Law, the Church said.

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Two more Mississippians confirmed having dangerous illness from Caribbean

From The Clarion-Ledger

The Mississippi State Department of Health site on Friday confirmed two new cases of chikungunya virus in the state. The cases occurred in residents who recently returned from the Dominican Republic and Haiti. These cases are in addition to a case reported in a Mississippi resident in June who had also traveled to Haiti.

The MSDH warned in a media release that the mosquito-borne illness traditionally found in Africa and Asia (chikungunya virus) is now infecting more people throughout the Caribbean, and could possibly infect Mississippians who travel there.

Symptoms of chikungunya infection include fever, muscle and joint pain, and swelling of the joints. Deaths from chikungunya virus are rare, but anyone with a compromised immune system is at higher risk of complications from the infection.

“Chikungunya virus is spread from person to person through the bite of the Aedes mosquito,” said MSDH State Epidemiologist Dr. Thomas Dobbs in the release. “It’s very important for travelers to the Dominic Republic, Haiti, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands and other Caribbean nations to be especially careful and take proper precautions to protect themselves.”

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Give yourself permission

By Paul McGowan From PS Audio

We’re funny creatures, we humans. We seem to need permission to do things; to affect change; to step outside our comfort zones.

It’s why a good review gives us permission to try something new; a bad one and we have permission to walk away.

It seems a challenge to most of us to give ourselves permission: to start something new, listen to new music, try a horn loudspeaker when we know they all sound bad, listen to vinyl when we’re convinced digital’s the only way, listen to digital when we’re convinced analog’s the only way.

If you truly want to expand your horizons and grow your comfort zone, even just a little, here’s my recommendation.

Make an effort, just a small one, each and every day to try just one new thing. Maybe it’s the vegetable you never tried at the salad bar, using the middle grade of gas instead of the lowest or highest you normally pump, listen to a new radio station on the way into work, walk around your block in the opposite direction you normally do, pull out a CD you haven’t listened to in years, an album, a cable you rejected long ago. What you try new doesn’t really matter. The very act of trying has benefits beyond what you are trying; benefits you cannot understand until you step outside your comfort zone, even just a little.

Don’t believe me? Go on, give yourself permission, just for today.

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