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India: Rape victim, 10, doesn’t know she’s pregnant and isn’t allowed an abortion

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By Oliver Wheaton From Metro UK

Rape victim, 10, doesn’t know she’s pregnant and isn’t allowed an abortion

The girl has been told she has a stone in her belly.

A 10-year-old rape victim who has been denied the right to have an abortion doesn’t even know she is pregnant.

The young Indian girl was allegedly repeatedly raped by a relative who has since been jailed and is awaiting trail.

Mother decided not to treat her baby after she was born with leukaemia

On July 28 India’s Supreme Court rejected a petition to let the girl have an abortion, stating the reason that at 32 weeks the 10-year-old is too far into her pregnancy.

Indian law only permits abortions up to the 20-week mark, and only extend this period if the mother’s life is in danger.

A doctors’ panel said the foetus was ‘doing well’ and suggested an abortion would put the girl at risk, the BBC reports.

One of the most shocking aspect of this case is that the young girl isn’t even aware that she is pregnant.

Her parents only found out after taking her to doctor when she complained of stomach pains.

They have since told her that she has a ‘big stone’ in her belly, causing it to increase in size.

The poor family live in a one-room flat in Chandigarh. They now fear that the girl is starting to realise the gravity of the situation as social workers make repeated visits and journalists surround their home.

A police woman who investigated the case said the girls mother has ‘never talked to me without crying’.

‘They didn’t even realise what this man was doing to their daughter,’ she added.

For now, the girl is in good hands. While the media interest has encroached on the family’s privacy, it has meant that the victim is receiving the type of medical care the family could otherwise never afford.

Doctors want to do a Ceasarean delivery, and anticipate that the 10-year-old will need counselling due to the trauma of the birth.

The girl’s family say they do not want to raise the baby, so it will be put up for adoption.

The girl (not picture) has been told she has a stone in her belly (Picture: Getty)

The girls lives with her poor family in the India city of Chandigarh (Picture: Getty)

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