November 23, 2020

Independents endorsed by Coalition for Cayman hold lead in upcoming election

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C4CFrom C4C

Research indicates Caymanians want independent leaders who will put Country First

George Town, Grand Cayman, March 8, 2013 – Today, Coalition for Cayman [C4C] released numbers from a recent poll showing that among the identified political brands in the upcoming May elections, Coalition for Cayman endorsed candidates hold a sizeable lead over the two political parties.

Based on a poll of likely Caymanian voters, when asked if they would be more likely to support candidates from the United Democratic Party, People’s Progressive Movement, or Independent candidates endorsed by Coalition for Cayman, the results were as follows:

18% United Democratic Party

33% People’s Progressive Movement

49% Independents endorsed by Coalition for Cayman

“The research shows that Caymanians want new, independent-minded leadership from outside of the political parties,” said Coalition for Cayman.

“Based on their most recent attacks of Coalition for Cayman, it is clear that the political parties know they are in trouble, and they will be looking for ways to retain power. Independent candidates have the confidence of the people, so it will be critically important to know the backgrounds of each of these Independents and whether or not they are really party politicians in disguise. That’s where an endorsement from C4C can really make a difference – because we are doing our homework and will only endorse candidates who will put Country First,” Coalition for Cayman continued.

The Coalition for Cayman polled likely voters from February 25 – March 2.

About Coalition for Cayman. Coalition for Cayman is a public awareness and advocacy group that recognizes the people of the Cayman Islands are frustrated with party politics, government overspending, debt, crime and economic uncertainty. We are committed to bringing new and accountable leadership to unite the people of the country and restore the Cayman Islands’ reputation while maintaining social balance and sustainable growth.

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