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Independent inquiry announced re granting of Cayman Islands liquor licence to gas station

Joint Statement from the Deputy Governor’s Office and the Ministry of Commerce, Planning and Investment

Issued jointly by: Deputy Governor’s Office and Ministry of Commerce, Planning and Investment

In a joint statement issued today (Wednesday, 9 August 2017), the Deputy Governor, Hon. Franz Manderson and the Minister for Commerce, Planning and Investment, Hon. Joey Hew announced an independent inquiry by the Internal Audit unit into a matter relating to a Liquor Licensing Board decision.

The matter concerning a liquor licence granted to a gas station in Red Bay to sell liquor on Sundays has been the subject of news reports and a recent editorial in a local newspaper.

Announcing the independent inquiry, Minister Hew explained that as the incoming Minister he has not been privy to the history of this application, and in light of the concerns expressed and the seriousness of matter, he has decided to request an independent investigation by the Internal Audit unit to identify exactly what transpired.

The Deputy Governor confirmed that he supports the Ministry in this call for an investigation. He further clarified that the transfer of the employee named in the newspaper editorial in connection with the licensing decision had nothing to do with the matter in question. “In fact, the officer was moved to accommodate her prior request to be reassigned,” Mr. Manderson said.


IMAGE: Gas station in Goleta City Council CA USA


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