September 30, 2020

Icelandair pilot detours over erupting Bardarbunga volcano to give passengers a once-in-a-lifetime view


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Screen Shot 2014-09-11 at 8.50.08 AMBy Michael Gadd From Daily Mail UK

Icelandair pilot did an extra loop to show passengers Bardarbunga volcano

Lava and smoke were clearly visible through the plane’s window

Aviation warning has returned from red to orange after the weekend

An Icelandair pilot gave passengers an extra special view as a short detour was taken to have a closer look at the country’s active Bardarbunga volcano.

Luminous lava and smoke were in full view at the pilot took an extra loop for customers to take in.

‘Our pilot made an extra circle around #Bardarbunga this morning to let passengers check it out,’ Icelandair posted on Twitter, with thanks to passenger Erla Vinsy for the out-the-window image.

While it’s common for a pilot to mention what passengers are seeing out of their respective windows, it’s rare for a commercial operator to change course to play the role of a sightseeing facilitator.

Thousands of earthquakes in the region around Bardarbunga, Iceland’s largest volcano, for a number of weeks sparking fears of a repeat of the 2010 ash cloud crisis.

Over the weekend Iceland’s Met Office raised its aviation warning from its second highest level, orange, to the highest, red, as lava shot 70 metres into the air.

All restrictions have, however, now been lifted with the warning level returned to orange.

Incredible aerial footage shows Icelandic volcano erupting


Sky lit up: The sky above the active Bardarbunga volcano in Iceland

Close-up: A man stands near a lava eruption on Holuhraun near Iceland’s subglacial Bardarbunga volcano

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