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By William H. Harris

I am William H Harriss, and I am an 82-year-old holding dual nationality of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines and the United Kingdom.

For the last five years, I have spent Christmas alone, fearfully hiding abroad without Christmas dinner and no merriment in my life anymore.

Six years ago, the police in Saint Vincent came to my house in Ratho Mill, mob-handed, some in uniform, some in plain suits, some in jungle warfare military uniforms; they came in the backs of a fleet of pickup trucks. They brought a search warrant that I believe they had obtained with knowingly false information. I say false because I sincerely believe they gave the Justice of the Peace who signed it untrue information to be able to obtain it.

The police came to my house because I had been betrayed by someone I mistakenly regarded as close as blood family, who had connections to Mrs. Gonsalves and Prime Minister Ralph E Gonsalves bodyguards. This was a politically motivated raid and is obviously the subject of several conspiracies.

This all started after I read in 2008 several stories in international newspapers about Britain’s payment to slave owners in 1840 and talking about reparations; I decided to research the situation myself. I found amazing historical information and familiar names in Portuguese historical records, including the name Gonsalves, which in the 1400s was an uncommon name in Portugal.

I began working on a research manuscript regarding the Vincentian Prime Minister Gonsalves’s ancestry, which I thought may link him to Antonio Gonsalves. Historical records prove that Antonio Gonsalves took the first black slaves from the West Coast of Africa and transported them to Lisbon, Portugal, in 1441, and was perhaps PM Gonsalves family ancestor.

In 1441, Antão Gonçalves [Antonio Gonsalves] was sent by Prince Henry the Navigator of Portugal to explore the West African coast in an expedition under the command of Nuno Tristão. Às Gonçalves was considerably younger than Tristão; his duty was less exploration than hunting the Mediterranean monk seals that inhabit West Africa. After he had filled his small vessel with seal skins, Gonçalves, on his initiative, decided to capture some Africans to return to Portugal. With nine of his crewmen, Gonçalves captured a tribesman and a black woman who was working as a servant for the group. Ref: Crónica dos Feitos da Guiné, Gomes Eanes de Zurara, 1841, cap. XII.

Other records show that Gonçalves had captured a chief and two of his subjects who were fishing in a part of Africa claimed by Portugal. The captured chief then offered ten slaves and gold as a ransom for his freedom.

Antonio Gonçalves accepted the offer. This is believed to be the seed beginning of the Atlantic Slave Trade, and the Catholic Church was also involved because the Pope ultimately gratefully received those ten slaves as a gift from Prince Henry of Portugal.

This is not something I invented; it is all historically recorded facts.

My research must have touched a nerve because the SVG police used dirty methods based on what I believe was political instruction to raid my house. All the police wore handguns; some had automatic rifles; some wore body armour. The search warrant said they were looking for guns, ammunition, drugs, electronics and documents. The first three items on the warrant were ridiculous; I am an upstanding elderly man with absolutely no criminal record anywhere. Never even had a parking ticket. I do not smoke, hardly drink alcohol, and have never used drugs. They were on a fishing trip, searching for my research work and manuscript. They took away my laptop, printer, new expensive camera, cell phone, personal paperwork, files and documents. They found absolutely nothing regarding my project. If they had, it was not illegal to undertake and write about such research work. That is why they added ammunition, guns and drugs to the warrant.

Everything that the police did was unconstitutional and has now developed into a serious crime against humanity. They refused to give me a copy of the search warrant, and I only briefly could glance at it. They refused to provide me with a copy of any confiscated items. When I asked to photocopy the documents, they declined, promptly seized my printer/scanner, and took it away. They promised I would have copies of the Search Warrant and the Property List within two days. It is now six years later, and they have never given me those or returned all or any of my belongings.

I have asked them to return all my property for six years. They have never answered my emails or returned my belongings. I was never warned, cautioned, or advised of my rights when they came to my house, never charged with anything, and never interviewed or questioned at the time or since.

During a second episode, having found nothing incriminating or what they were really fishing for, two weeks later, two officers came in plain suits and white shirts at 5 am and entered my house without my invitation, warrant, or announcement. They entered my house illegally through an unlocked door with a big black body bag, and I believe they were an assassination team. Perhaps even the same team who murdered the Prime Minister’s press secretary. I escaped from SVG, and during the escape, my back was broken in two places, and I spent months recovering some in the hospital. When I returned from hospital in the UK, Vincentian secret police found me in Grenada and I had to run again from Grenada.

I have been asking for the return of my belongings for the past six years. I am currently asking again for the return of my belongings, they have never answered any of my emails, so I assume they stole my belongings.

Recently, the SVG police have adjusted their email servers and email addresses to reject my emails, so I can no longer send them emails. So, I have started posting this message wherever I can.

I have been unable to return to my home in Saint Vincent for six years because I fear for my safety and my life. I believe if I return home, they will assassinate me.

Based on the content of this information, I have recently filed a complaint with the SVG Police Complaints Department, but as of yet, they have not replied or acknowledged my complaint. I doubt they will answer me because the police have refused to answer me during the past six years.

In addition to the above information, I have just finished writing a book about the whole episode; the publishers say they need another 10,000 words, so I am currently reworking that. I am writing about everything, including details of my betrayal and how the police, legal profession, politicians, and media in SVG ignore me and refuse to help me. Every person or organization that refuses to acknowledge or assist me will eventually be a part of my book and become part of Vincentian history.

I am sure things will worsen; all the usual expected spite and malice are being planned and loaded against me as I write this. I have also just taken some real bad news action [for them] regarding this matter, which I will reveal in another release very shortly.



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