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How to talk about the things mentally strong women and girls don’t do

By Chris Blair


Before moving forward with this article, there is something that you need to, rather have to know about women in possession of a stronger wit. 

“Strong women never give up.

It is true that we might need a decaf,

A good cry, or a day in bed (read: cocoon),

But we always come back stronger.”

Having said that, it is vital to note that certain societal constraints and cultural stigmas have been shaping women since time immemorial. Starting from the way she thinks, the way she talks walks, eats, and even her behavior. The whole objective of these societal expectations is to divert their attention to futile things, and in a way, rob them of their mental peace.

Recognizing these not-so-healthy patterns is the initial step towards a positive change. Once, you give up things that you were holding onto, your sanity revives back, helping your good habits become more effective.

What Do The Mentally Strong Women Don’t Talk About?

There is nothing different or unique as to what women, having better control over their mind, do. It is just that some women have better control over their mental strength, and some do not. It is completely fine.

After having to grow up with a burden of expectations, it is only probable for women to lack the basic ounce of mental strength and sanity. 

Here’s penning down some of the things these type of women hate talking about.

These Type Of Women Will Never Compare Themselves With Others

Women in control of their mental strength will never invest time in comparing themselves to other women. They are aware of who they are, and what their qualities are. They do not need any sort of validation.

The only thing that they compare themselves with is, with their own self from the previous day. These women understand that it is futile to measure one’s wealth, happiness, and looks against that of other women. You should be your only comparison- is what they live by.

Mentally Strong Women Will Never Considered Vulnerability As A Flaw

Another important trait of a mentally strong woman is that, they understand that not every day is the same. You might be feeling all confident and in your best mood one day, and feel the exact opposite the next day.

In fact , they believe that vulnerability is actually a strength. If you are incapable of expressing your emotions, then strength of mind will not come to you. After all, it takes courage to admit that you’re not doing okay and that you need some assistance, with the same. 

If planning to date a woman, who is mentally strong – do not shy away from opening up to them about your feelings. They will appreciate you for expressing your feelings and emotions to them. This way, they will know that you’re not emotionally unavailable.

Overthinking Is Certainly Not Their Cup Of Tea

Overthinking and women are best friends. This is a universally accepted truth. It is often heard that women simply cannot live without overthinking a simple matter and making things worse. Well, it is not always true.

More often than not, this overthinking is yet again a product of the society. Society triggers women to do things that they wouldn’t do on a normal day. Similarly, overthinking is one of them. 

However, mentally strong women know that overthinking is a toxic element that disrupts productivity. Therefore, they have mastered the art of controlling it.

Mentally Strong  Women Are Not Scared To Break The Existing Rules

Women in possession of an extremely strong mental space will never shy away from breaking the age-old norms. These women are the ones who will never succumb to situations because of their gender.

You can call them the ‘daredevils’. They break stereotypes like karate experts break tiles. While them trying to find reason and logic in the existing rules, often comes off as a problem to others.

These Women Will Never Want To Rise At The Cost Of Others

You can always trust a woman with a strong mental strength. No matter how enticing it might be to pull someone down to make your space. Be rest assured that these women will never opt for such tactics to rise in life.

They do not believe that ‘women can be each other’s worst enemies’. Instead, they believe in women being the biggest cheerleaders to each other. It is certain that they too  want to rise, but not at the cost of someone else’s failure.


While, every woman has the capacity to work on their mental strength. In today’s world, it is a compulsion for women to have mental strength. Women should know by now that they are enough and they can achieve anything that they want.

The above article covers some of the major things that a woman in possession of a strong mind wouldn’t do. However, you are free to add on whatever you feel will fit this category.

Author Bio:

Chris Blair, a freelance writer. He is loving every bit of it. His niches are marketing, lifestyle, wellness, travel and entertainment. Apart from writing, Chris loves to travel, binge-watch, research conspiracy theories, Instagram and overthink. Now he is a valuable contributor ieyenews Lawyers Note Dream Agency, 7 best things. Get Me Seen Top Preference, Bigjar News, Okey Magazine, Global Business Diary, Small Business Journals, Money Outlined, Lawyers Inventory


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