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How to road trip with an electric car. Your guide to clearer skies and sustainable highway adventures

With more electric vehicle charging stations popping up, people are traveling increasingly longer distances on electricity alone. Whether you’re cruising across California’s Golden Gate Bridge or the Grand Canyon, electric cars are one of the more convenient options to explore the world while also taking steps to conserve it.

Beginning your eco-friendly road trip is simple with Alamo Rent A Car, which offers electric cars at select subsidiaries, like the Nissan Leaf. Once you’ve chosen your car, there are several steps that should be taken before hitting the road:

  • Plan your route. One of the most important things to take into consideration is the number of miles driven in between charges and your car’s range. Trusted mobile apps can help you locate the most convenient charging stations along your route, stay on top of your electricity supply, and minimize range anxieties.
  • Visit high-traffic areas. Most charging stations are installed in popular national parks or major metropolitan areas. If you prefer to play the road trip safe, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Jose are among the top cities in the world for electric vehicles.
  • Get the most out of your battery. Avoiding hard braking, coasting when possible, and using accessories wisely can help conserve battery life. Charging times vary but you can maximize the time spent waiting by grabbing a bite, catching up on some sleep, or visiting a nearby tourist attraction.
  • Etiquette is important. If you’re not charging, don’t block the charger. Other drivers will be thankful that you moved your electric vehicle to a regular parking spot after you’ve finished charging. Also, never unplug another car to charge your own unless it’s a real emergency.
  • Be on the lookout for electric vehicle perks. Destinations like national parks and popular tourist cities like Orlando and Miami sometimes offer preferred parking, free charging, or free valet for visitors in electric vehicles.

 With these tips in mind, the perfect sustainable getaway is only a few clicks away!



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