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How to pick the right sport for your kid to start playing?

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One of the greatest joys as a parent is watching your little ones explore new things. As they discover themselves, their special talents, and what they are passionate about, nothing makes parents prouder. Every once in a while you will see that one thing that gets them up at 6 AM every morning before school because it has become an all-consuming passion. For some children, this is baseball or basketball. For others, it’s ballet or soccer. Then there are those kids who want to try everything! They can’t wait for soccer season to start so they have something fun to do after school each day with their friends. However, not all children fall into this category. There are quite a few sports out there that may seem like a good idea to try but may not be the best fit for every child. Here are some things to think about before your children jump headlong into yet another sport they want to play.


Let’s start with baseball. This is a very popular summer activity for children, especially boys. It requires a minimal amount of equipment, and hobbyists from add that there is affordable and high-quality equipment available online or at sporting goods stores. Equipment such as bats, gloves, catcher’s mitt does not have to be expensive to play this game. Because of the pure number of kids who want to play, many leagues are formed that split players by age and ability level. At first glance, this seems like a good idea but it can be quite difficult for certain children whose skills do not match their ‘age group.’ 

To begin with, oftentimes there are children playing in these leagues who have many years of experience or ability far above what their age would indicate. This means that your child will be trying to keep up with others who may be much better than they are simply because they were born earlier in the year than your child was. This is not fun for most children! Also, because of the amount of playing time that is required, kids who are still developing skills or trying to find their niche may end up feeling like these sports are not right for them. Baseball is a very special sport, one that requires much dedication and commitment from its players. For children who are hesitant to take up a sport that requires so much time, effort, and energy it may be wise to consider other options.


Like baseball, basketball is a very popular summer activity for younger kids in particular because of the physical requirements required to play the game well. Unfortunately for many parents, this means their child will be playing on a team with others who are much older or stronger than they are simply because there are not enough players in their own age group to make up an entire league. And while younger children love this because it makes them feel as though they were included in something special, older kids may grow frustrated by this practice if they were hoping for more opportunities to show off what they can do athletically.


Soccer is a great option for children because it is a sport that can be enjoyed by kids of all ages and abilities. Unlike baseball or basketball, soccer does not require any specialized equipment or clothing making it an easy sport to get started with. Additionally, the rules of the game are very simple which means even young children can understand them without difficulty. 

Soccer also happens to be one of the most popular sports in the world. This means that if your child does become interested in playing they will have no trouble finding others to play with. In fact, there are many leagues available for children of all ages and abilities so finding the right team to play on will be easy.


Tennis can be one of the easiest sports for your child to learn. You need a racket, two tennis balls and off you go. Children love it because they can play with other kids on nearby courts. It can be played indoors or outdoors, there are different levels to choose from, but children as young as three can join in too.

Adults will run their socks off chasing runaway tennis balls during one of the most physically demanding games. It’s also good for building balance, hand-eye coordination skills and concentration.

IMAGE: pexels

Hopefully, this article has helped you in making the decision of what sport your child should start playing. Baseball and basketball are popular options for children of all ages and abilities, but if your child is not interested in either of those sports then soccer or tennis may be a good choice. Whichever sport you choose for your child, make sure they are willing to put in the time and effort required if they want to excel at an advanced level. The bottom line here is your child should have a great experience playing their chosen sport!


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