December 3, 2020

How to make a family trip an adventure on wheels

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From Alamo Rent A Car

“Are we there yet?” and “how much longer?” are just a few of the incessant questions you’ll hear on a family road trip.

To turn your road trip into an unforgettable adventure on wheels, Alamo Rent A Car devised a list of activities and games that the whole family will enjoy on the road!

  1. Prepare a playlist with everyone’s favorite songs

Singing along to your favorite song and creating a playlist for the trip is a sure way to turn a road trip into an adventure. To take it a step further, organize a singing competition in which two teams see which can sing the loudest or know the most songs. Finally, keep some sweets in the glove compartment to treat the winners!

2.     Pack a book of trivia, jokes and riddles

To keep the mind sharp even on vacation, pack a book of jokes and riddles. Rotate the books amongst the children and the co-pilot and play a game in which the winner decides the lunch spot or first activity upon arrival at the destination. For best use, bring colored pencils. This will entertain the children while also giving parents a peaceful moment to talk.

  1. Play classic observation games

One option is the famous game of “I Spy” in which a player spots an object and calls it by its color, challenging the other players to guess what they saw. Another option is counting the number of trees of a certain color or shape. This will make the ride more enjoyable while also helping them become more familiar with the route and its defining characteristics.

  1. Make a pit stop and enjoy the view

It is important to make a pit stop during a long trip, not only to stretch the legs, but also appreciate the landscape and take a family photo. Be sure to pack a notebook and map so that the kids can take note of the incredible views they see along the way. At a stop, you can pull out the map and color the routes driven to help the kids learn about the road and its surrounding areas.

  1. Opt for a creative word game

To make time fly and help the kids develop their imagination, play a word game! Ask them to write down a few words they see throughout the trip (from posters, ads, buses, etc.) and then develop a story, song, or with them. Another option is to create stories as a team, asking a family member to begin with a phrase while each member adds a piece to the story. Take notes and then ask the kids to draw out the crazy story on a piece of paper.

With these tricks in mind, car rides can go from dull to an adventure! In fact, there is nothing better than enjoying family and creating beautiful memories to share when you get home.

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