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How to find Router IP Address on different devices

 router is an electronic hardware and designed to let users to access the Internet. It acts as the first line of defense from any intrusion onto the overall network. It facilitates the Wi-Fi usage in home. It connects physically to the modem via its WAN, or Internet port with the help of the network cable. It is a tiny computer and including the memory and CPU to deal with the data coming in and out. It is the place where the network is encrypted. You can set port forwarding rules and change the network name to maximize the bandwidth usage and other purposes.    

Router IP addresses and default gateway 

The router IP adders is the identification number for any device is connected to the network. Any system or Android phone must have an IP address for the router to find and send data packets. These data packets are essential to make the Internet work especially when people visit the new page, listen to music, and stream a video. 

A gateway is a node in the network and designed to let users to access another network.  It lets outgoing data packets. It acts like an intermediary between the two. Individuals connect to any different network have to remember that the default gateway is the router’s IP address interface. The default section means it is used without human intervention unless any application specifies it has to use another gateway. 

Step by step guidelines 

The IP address is the footprint. You need this address for your Internet to work in the correct way. Any network works using protocols to let access and interact with the Internet. This IP address is a little tracker and designed to show the internet where users have been and what they have been doing. As a beginner to the router, you have to know the easy and realistic method to find your router IP address. It is the suitable time to pay attention to the hassle-free approach to find the router Internet Protocol address on the Android. The following details explain you step by step guidelines to find the IP address of the router on the Android gadgets. 

  • Got to Settings
  • Tap Wi-Fi Settings 
  • Check your connected network
  • Configure the Network Settings
  • Check the option next to Advanced settings
  • Choose Static below the IP Settings
  • It will be listed under the Gateway section 


Many people have decided to change the router IP address. They have an idea to change the settings and make any change to their configuration. They can prefer and use the virtual private network to change their IP address. A good VPN is useful a lot to change the IP address and by extension masks the location for protecting the privacy of users. It works by properly encrypting the Internet to secure it. Individuals who alter the IP of the router with a virtual private network change the IP address of each device connected to the router. 

Types of IP addresses 

Almost every beginner to the network settings in the Android phone gets confused because so many complex things. They have to confirm the IP address as such thing is very important for the network configuration. The three types of IP addresses are the public, local, and router. These IP addresses serve various purposes. You have to know the IP address on Android when you have to configure the network setting on the Android phone. The router IP gateway address is used to access the settings interface of the router. This is very important for configuring the router settings. You can enter this router IP address in the address bar of the browser and access the router settings which may need a password. 

You may seek an instant method to find the router IP address on Android. You must access Settings in your Android phone and tap on the option “Wi-Fi settings”. You need to configure the connected network at first. The next step is to choose the option “Manage network settings”.  If you have done it, then you have to check the checkbox next to “Show advanced options”. The next step is to choose “Static” under “IP settings”. You can find the router IP address under the section “Gateway”.  Once you have accessed the IP address, you must tape the “Cancel” option rather than the option “Save”. This is because no need of IP settings to be set to static.

The local IP address

The local IP address is used to find various devices on the same network. The router automatically assigns the local IP address to each device that connects to it.  This local IP address is used to identify each device on the network and connect with them. For example, this local IP address is vital to connect an application on the personal computer with the Android phone. Now, tap on “Status” and search the home IP address listed below the section “IP address”. 

The IPv4 and IPv6 addresses are listed here. As a beginner to the local IP address on the Android, you may like to know how it looks like. This IPv4 address looks like “192.168.x.x” The public IP address on the android is revealed to the World Wide Web to find the Android device and send back information. You need such address when you remotely access your device from a different network or place. 


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