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How to find a perfect shin guard for Muay Thai?

Those familiar with martial arts history know that Muay Thai, a relatively new form for many, has been around for hundreds of years. It is just that its rise to popularity is a recent phenomenon. People love this martial art for its rawness and effectiveness. And the best part is you can still be graceful and fluid in your movements while using raw power. You exercise intensity through elbows, punches, kicks, and knees. However, anyone training in this needs to use proper safety equipment like a shin pad or guard to shield their legs and shins from the impact of the kicks. 

You get various options in shin pads for Muay Thai. How do you choose a suitable pair for yourself? Let’s explore.

Types of shin guards for Muay Thai

You get two broad choices in shin guards for competition and training. When shopping for one, you must watch something that fits your shin from ankle to under the knee well without slipping or moving. At the same time, it should not restrict your movement without compromising the protection part. Training materials may feature Velcro straps and can be suitable for sparring. The competition types are usually for beginners. They can be thin fabric material with an inner layer of foam. 

Things to consider when analyzing a choice

You need one to protect your feet and shin. It should go from the ankle to the lower part of the knee. Find out a snug fit. Since you get these at various price points, you can feel tempted to settle down with a lower variant. But it can eventually prove a bad trade-off as you will compromise with protection to save a few extra dollars. Still, budget-friendly options also offer durability and satisfaction of use. You must study all the features well before deciding on anything. For instance, padding is an essential component. Some guards use an additional padding layer for shin protection. Check its closure style, which can be Velcro straps. Such a feature can secure them well in their place, allowing you to focus more on your training.

Another area can be material. Leather can be the unanimous choice. Look for something with layers of padding to keep your shin safe from impacts. Many players need help with size selection. Anything easy to wear or take off can be the best bet. If your pads are comfortable and snug-fit, you can be sure they will allow excellent mobility. Refer to the product’s size chart to select your option if you shop online. As for pricing, you already know these can be cheap, affordable, and expensive. Still, material, brand name, and style can contribute to their price range. If you buy a good pair for your Muay Thai competition, it will survive for a long. Of course, care and maintenance are critical.

Any severe injury to your muscles and tendons can shatter your dreams of earning a name and fame through competitions. Self-defense sparring activities like this can be mentally and physically stimulating. But you must ensure your protection before jumping into this.


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