September 21, 2021

How Fatherhood changes the brain // Neuroscientist decodes Fatherhood in time for Mother’s Day

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In terms of life-changing moments, we often think of fatherhood as taking a backseat to motherhood. However, for many fathers, becoming a dad can completely rewire how the brain works. From the initial moment that a man finds out he’s going to be a father, to when the baby is born, to raising the child throughout their lives, a father’s mind is forever altered by and linked to the arrival of this new life. 

In time for Father’s Day, Dr. Michael Merzenich, Kavli Laureate in Neuroscience, and one of the world’s leading experts on all matters of the mind, is available to speak on how fatherhood impact’s a man’s brain. Recently, he was interviewed on this very topic, which you can view here

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