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How does Netflix block VPNs in 2018?

In January 2016, Netflix issued an announcement that shook up the streaming world: They were cracking down on users accessing the site with VPNs.

Prior to the announcement, virtual private networks had been a common way users in countries without access to the streaming site viewed content. However, following Netflix’s global expansion in the beginning of 2016, the site was forced to implement a ban at the demands of content owners, who are paid licensing fees by region.

Two years on, a big question remains: Did the ban work?

TheBestVPN set out to answer this question, testing 67 VPN providers to see which ones are still able to access Netflix. In total, they found that 70 percent of VPNs were able to access the site on at least one server. Check out their findings, as well as an overview of the Netflix VPN ban and the best VPNs for accessing Netflix in 2018, below.


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